You Like Crabs, Right?

Finals are over! Yay...feel like leaving a prison, lol. Kidding!
No more text books and lectures and schoolwork for two weeks. Perfect time for writing some enjoyable stuff and reading enjoyable books.
I went to Keb City, home of seafood, along with my cousins. Our main purpose was to eat a heck lot of crabs and lobsters and other mysterious seafood we could find. That was it. What a waste!
A snapshot with my cousin, happy birthday to you, dear! We grew up together, played house together, but now we've all gone off to different colleges. She's going to be a senior in IFL, and a sophomore in Mekong university. Yeah, she's a happy nerd! We love having each other around, though.
Mmmm, thanks baby tree, for giving me a good stretch after trip.
I just felt funny sitting in front of this GIANT CRAB!
We had a great time spending three hours on the road and another three back. Some of us slept in the cars which is an impressive talent I always admire. I can't take a blink if I'm on the trip, a lot of good things would pass by, I love sightseeing, mountains, rice fields and cattle and village people anyway.
So where have you been, folks? Oh, Happy Independence Day! Better late than never, I guess. Lol!
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  1. *rollin-eyes* Happy Independence Day?? are you kidding me? That was like a few days ago, Hellow!!! Lolz... Oh, I don't like crab, but I like eating crabS. Haha, that's different!

    Err, is that giant crab really at Kep City? I've never seen it there before.

    Later kid ! hehehe...

  2. Hey, u just call me kid??? I'm much older than u, kid!

    Well, that's different, I know, but I'm sure u don't want to make a beeline to the bathroom afterward either, right?

    Next time u go there, u'll see that giant crab, kid!

  3. Wah! I missed out on your blog! booh...

    happy bday to your cousin! I heart seafood, and lobsters are my fav. addiction! haha!


  4. I thank u for my cousin. Well, I didn't know ppl have all sort of addiction these days, hehehe


  5. I was about to say finally you leave your prison too. lolz jkd.
    Hey miss you.

  6. Yes, u should miss me, but since I've been waiting for ur ring, I'm not sure whether it's just word. Lol... okay I'm just playing sulk. Hope u're fine too.

  7. Thank samrach, yes I did. Who doesn't look happy when they have to pose in front of the camera?

  8. lolzzz not just a word. umm worst things happens one after another, so when i got home, i just go straight to sleep only. sorry. i will of course, seriously, but now phone is running out of money! lolzzz

  9. That's okay rath, I don't mind that. Everyone has life going on. I hope ur problem will be disappear as soon as it appeared, alright? Have a nice day, girl!

  10. holy crab! :D
    sea creatures give me the creeps. mainly because of their squishy bodies and their long tentacles! how was the food?

  11. Should I backfire? Holy cow! Lol...

    Well, I knew u're on a special diet. I dislike those things too, only I can find something else tasty about sea creatures.

    The food tasted like food to me! hehehe


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