100 Random Facts About Me!

I thought that I would finish this tag after Christmas, but I’ve done it earlier. Thank you Xana for this challenging 100 facts! Big sorry, I’m being too much here. Here we go, skip it or skim it? You choose!
  1. I have been living for two decades now.
  2. I stand 5'1".
  3. I have dark brown hair, dark brown skin and dark brown eyes.
  4. I am the only daughter in the family.
  5. I’m not a mommy’s girl neither I’m a daddy’s girl. I’m Switzerland!― Neutral, I meant.
  6. I didn’t cry on my first day of kindergarten.
  7. I once got diagnose with Malaria.
  8. I sleep in T-shirt and sort pants, not pajamas.
  9. I get up at dawn everyday.
  10. Nothing turns me off more than a bad breathe.
  11. I look at people in their eyes and yup― teeth.
  12. I prefer to listen than talk.
  13. I see relationship immediately.
  14. I can’t sleep in the car, on the bus or airplane.
  15. I have reverse reactions: I laugh when I’m nervous and quiet when I’m excited.
  16. I almost always wear hoodie and sneakers to school.
  17. I don’t speak Prada. Lol!
  18. I dress for look and comfort.
  19. I’m likely to space out during conversations.
  20. I’m a skinny obese.
  21. Sometime, I wish I was dumb and deaf.
  22. I learned sigh language as a psychological relieve.
  23. I speak two languages with great effort.
  24. I find it hard to read out loud.
  25. I say “No” to energy drink.
  26. And artificial colored beverage of all kind.
  27. I’m physically allergic to caffeine.
  28. I'm emotionally allergic to alcohol.
  29. My weirdest nickname is “Voodoo”.
  30. I apt to feel paranoid when I have to get my haircut!
  31. I refuse to get on horseback because I don’t want to be a burden. Not that I’m scared.
  32. My mom said she suspected me for being gay. My reaction? I laughed! ― She has no imagination.
  33. I have to wear my braces for two years. Yike!
  34. It’s a miracle if I have a boyfriend this year. Lol
  35. I like walking barefoot around my house.
  36. I’m afraid of frogs and shrimps.
  37. I don’t know how to scream like a girl.
  38. I still read children books. Alright, any problem?
  39. I carry at least one paperback in my schoolbag.
  40. I favor romantic comedy over horror.
  41. I don’t scream when I watch horror movies.
  42. I don’t scare of the dark, but I'm scare of speed.
  43. I don’t mind kicking my heels long hours.
  44. Yes, I can kiss. lol
  45. I like cool than hot for clothes and people.
  46. I still look sweatless when the day is boiling.
  47. I’m self-therapist.
  48. I think of beauty as something that comes from within.
  49. I think of death as a short break from suffering.
  50. I believe in Buddha.
  51. I can’t feel my mood swing anymore.
  52. I would like to dive than swim.
  53. I always lose track of date.
  54. But I can keep up with time.
  55. I’m more like a dog person, though I enjoy playing with cats.
  56. I like to put out the candle light with my fingers.
  57. I use sarcasm―a lot.
  58. I make face, too.
  59. I’m a pathetic peacemaker.
  60. Hearing people complain really hurts my ears.
  61. I still don’t know what kind of a person I really hate.
  62. I admire those who know how to get angry.
  63. I answer better than I ask.
  64. I once tried to learn Dutch. Ja, niet meer.
  65. Mostly, I keep my nails short and polish-free or polish them black.
  66. I’m a right-handed, although I can write with left hand.
  67. I collect coins from different countries. [My best friend gave me two coins from India, and I was thrilled!]
  68. I cried when I read Mitch Albom’s One More Day, and Dave Pelzer’s the Child Called It.
  69. Everyday, I eat my three meals alone.
  70. For me, alone is different from lonely.
  71. Sometimes, I annoy people by saying “That’s okay” way too much.
  72. I find British accent really fun to speak.
  73. And I also imitate Smeagol’s voice in Lord of the Ring.
  74. I still live under curfews.
  75. I practice not to stare at anyone for too long, it could be a life-saving habit.
  76. I drive like an old lady.
  77. I read in bed, I read standing, I read waiting, I read everywhere.
  78. I make sure I have a bottle of drink and crackers on my study desk.
  79. I’m interested in Greek mythology.
  80. I’m aware of myself not to hurt others’ feeling.
  81. I don’t let anyone push me around.
  82. I could be plain dumb sometimes -like misspelling my own name.
  83. I barely remember my classmates ‘names.
  84. As a hobby, I measure people’s IQ by listening to their opinions.
  85. I pretend to look innocent even I know full well for what it really means.
  86. The first thing I do when I come home from school is opening the fridge!
  87. I have to chase my dog every morning to get it on the leash. Phew!
  88. When I get bored, I make more jokes than usual.
  89. Sometimes, my mom said she doesn’t understand what I'm talking about. Good.
  90. When someone cries in front of me, I feel like I am the cause of it!
  91. I deal with emotional breakdowns by blocking out my feelings.
  92. I’m always alert to the world around me.
  93. I have a fantasy about kicking the shit out of Pol Pot.
  94. I avoid walking cross-hands with my friends when I go shopping.
  95. Cuz I just don’t want to get dragged in and out from place to place.
  96. I prefer to walk hand-in-hand better or just keep 'em free.
  97. My room is my territory, everyone has to knock before they get in.
  98. When someone tells me secrets and asks me to keep, I'd say “Who else I’m going to pass this to?”
  99. I keep secrets of my own, still.
  100. I feel like a freak after writing these facts out, but I’m glad I did!

Now I would like to tag those who read my facts, and these following blog friends of mine:
  • Panharath
  • Kelly
  • Jesyca
  • Toothfairy
  • Khairunie
  • And the rest of my blog roll!
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  1. i am so doing the 100 facts challenge. hehe. thanks for the thought sweetie!

  2. Thanks for the tagging my dear!
    I have to figure them out one by one, it's gonna takes me more than a month! *sob*

  3. Oh my gosh, What? Ha ha ha, i knew it you tagged me. Thanks, kiddo! :-P humm, 100 huh? I guess the next time would be 1000. I was almost dead meat with just 10 facts. Now, a hundred. *crying*

  4. Oh lovely! I've done mind last night. not that hard! lolzzz

    Can I tell you one thing??
    You're like a weirdo to me at some points! You have sth that ppl doesn't have. Weird! But I love that facts.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! -Hug-

  5. That's a whole lot of facts! Can't imagine having to write so much!

    I read everywhere too! And I also make opinions about other people by listening to them :D

  6. To Khairunie: Thank for participating, dear! I'm waiting to read that.

    To Jes: That's okay, take all the time you need.

    To Kelly: Hahaha get real, girl! There's no such thing as 1000 facts!

    To Cassey, I'm sorry that I don't write ur name in my tag, although I've thought of u, it's only that I thought u were under some emotional recovery, so I just leave u undisturbed. But I'm really willing to read ur facts, if it's possible.
    * Hug*

  7. Pahnarath, really? You think so? Thank you for confirming, but don't you think you're more or less like a weirdo too? Hehehe, anyway, I don't bite people or anything, you know.

    I hope what I have is a good thing! Lol...

  8. hohoho...lovely!!
    i dont think i can write such as 100 facts about myself..

    and oh, how's cambodia?? :)

  9. thank u Dela, everything is perfect here, where have you been, dear?

  10. you know I wanna hit you for tagging me? and Xana too? you know how hard this is? 100 facts, are you and Xana kidding me... :S I wanna cry... hahaha! OK, I will try to do this tag, soon... help...

    btw, I didn't cry too! (nr. 6)


  11. LOL we both are weirdo. and i'm more like a dork. lolz i start loving that word.

    Any plan for new year? Resolution and all?

    U don't bite ppl, cuz yr name is ducky. duck doesn't bite.

  12. To Toothy: Sorry, but I can't help it when it is so much fun to torture you like that. Hehehe

    Good, big girls don't cry! Lol.

  13. Dork is my old vocabulary when I was still a high school girl, what u just like it now? Too late, weirdo, dork and freak are all mine!

    No plan anywhere for me, I don't think about resolution yet, u can tell me urs.

    Lol, ducky won't bite, but ducky loves to nuzzle and tickle! Just u wait!

  14. hey..hey.. i am here.. i am always here.

    i always follow your writing, although sometimes i was too lazy to drop any comments.. sorry.. :p

  15. Gotcha dela! That's okay, u don't have to comment all the time, dear! It's up to u, we're still in touch, right?

  16. I'm rushing down this post, to ignore the tag :P

    Happy nye!

    You are featured on my latest post:


  17. Ack! I totally imitate Smeagol's voice, too!! How long did this take you to do? New reader :o)

  18. Hahaha then share me some with the Dorkie name! Weirdo, Dork, Freak, I like all, but I don't like Idiot! lolzz

    Hunting for soul mate is one of my New Year Resolution! Hahahaha Kidding! I give up on thinking about resolution. Just to do what I can do everyday tov ban hay!

    Oh I thought Ducky does the peck job! lolzz

  19. To Vicky: Oh thank for dropping by. So we both must be smeagol's fan then, lol. It took me a day to do the tag. U should do it too.

  20. Like I thought, Panharath. U would backfire me with the peck job. Fine, I will do both. Lol

    Looking for soul mate? What a tough resolution! Good thing, u just give it up, I don't want to even think about it too.

    Happy New Year, dear!

  21. I Would have SUCH a hard time even thinking of 100 facts to write lol
    thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    and HAppy new year xD

  22. You're welcome Manju. Not at all hard if u have a lot of facts to tell. Hope u have a great time, too.


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