Where Are You Phnom Penh?

I always thought that I was living in Phnom Penh, but now I’m not sure anymore, because when Panharath called me many days ago, we ended up talking about our home, and I was surprised that we both even share the same outskirt town, only in different parts or stuff like that, and I quote out here:
Panharath said “Bong bong told me that I should move my house to live in Phnom Penh, so that I’m not too far away from them.” And my eyes glazed over, I asked her in disbelief, “Huh? So, nowadays we are not living in Phnom Penh?” Panharath let out a laugh.
But I always freak out when I hear that remark, because some of my cousins also throw words around me like, “Let’s drive up to Phnom Penh.” or "I brought this from Phnom Penh" whenever they drop by my house, and I wonder to myself, “What? Aren't we in Phnom Penh now?”
Maybe, my home isn't located in the heart of our capital city. I think Panharath might feel the same way about that. It’s kind of weird and funny, anyhow.
Well, if my house is really very remote that way, then I’m not living in Phnom Penh after all― just in her outskirt. (",)
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  1. Oh NaThary, that's beautiful. I mean the picture of Independence Monument. *tearing* The most beautiful picture i've ever seen.

    And I'm sure my house is not around there. HeHe... I know how the changes in our home confuses us sometimes. I can say my house is in her outskirt as well, and my friends always tease me about living in province whether my phone has reception here. Lolz. . . . Actually, it's not that far in distance, But i just feel like Phnom Penh is being far from home home.

  2. You're right, Kelly! Phnom Penh is changing everyday, but I'm glad even I don't live inside, we're in still living together, right?

    This picture I took it from a website, but I forgot. Yes, it's beautiful.

  3. I think it's actually better not to live right in the middle of the city! all the traffic, crowds and people! eeks!

    Love that picture, it's beautiful indeed.

    I have done.. that tag... half of it, tomorrow the other half :P


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  5. Oh really? I'm so going to see ur facts now.

    Thank for the compliment, that's right, in fact I don't want to live in the middle of my city too. I like it better at outskirt. hehee

  6. Haha. Well, I'm not really sure whether I love being away from Phnom Penh or not. There are always pros and cons. Like,

    1-I don't like living in PP, cuz we hardly find the parking space; no air to breathe; too many noisy sounds on the road etc.

    2-I like living in PP, cuz it’s near where we can go around and no need to worry about going home late. Hah

    3- I like living where I am right now, which is far away from PP, because it’s quiet and my flat is a bit bigger than my old flat.

    4-I don’t like living here in current address, because I have to worry about going home late at night and it’s too far from city.

    But after all, I love of my old and new. –Wink-

  7. You have the same reasons as me. I don't mind the distance, I love living in my good old house here. It's familiar, but there are times when I have to rush back home before dark too. That's okay, we love where we are, right?

  8. no matter where you live just be sure you'll always have creative story to share.. :)
    wish you luck, nathary!

  9. I'll remember that, thank u. It's been a hectic time for me lately, but I'll be back soon. Thank again Dela!

  10. oh, my. why re you scared of shrimps? i think they look pretty cute! :)
    and british accent is sexy! lol! you drive like an old lady? you should drive me around town when we meet!

  11. I'm always scare of inappropriate things, something that most people don't afraid, I'm afraid but when they're afraid, I don't.

    O'cos, I sometime speak to myself in British accent, which is very amusing. Well, I hope I have such luck to drive u around PP. Oh, my god, I can't imagine it at all if we meet, I think I'll be frozen with my own embarrassment.

  12. The photo look very similar to me. I guess it is mine :))


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