Kiss Good Bye To My Academic Life.

Don't get me wrong. I don't get expel from school or anything.
That's just an expression to show that it is my last post about school, because the
se days are hectic, stressful and yet lifeless, I have got so many bloody-hell things to do. I RARELY make time to meet my close friend Snow white too, and she’s been complaining about my absence lately.
I always feel like a Zombie and when I drive back home or to school, it’s like I just only switch on my autopilot mode and the next thing I know, I’m at school or home.
Btw, do you know what people fear the most?
Not death itself. Speaking in f
ront of the public that's what is. Unless you're a pro-talker or someone who's like "Look at me, look at me!" so you don't get nervous.
But I JOINED a debate team in my Politics class without any intended purpose. And I had to speak in front of…like nearly a hundred people. Man, how nerve-racking is that! But that was okay, I could pull a competitive mask and enjoy being a total nerd for a while. Unfortunately, my team lost by three votes from the audience's judgment, that was a fierce battle as my professor put it. Whatever, I'm more relieved to get off the hook.
No more debate, but yes for a performance in Hellstory [excuse me for replacing the His-] I'm a director for three historical shows, and I do take some CRAPPY roles also. Not that I want to.
They say learning by living it, but I say learning by dying yourself. I'm complaining, okay?
Note: If any of this sounds familiar, congratulations! You have been keeping well informed on your current living. Good day, guys!
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  1. U can't tell how i'm glad that I'm the first one who leave u comment! lolz

    At least, you experienced it! I used to like being in debate. But never been in public for once in my life, but in forum years ago. I'm green with envy that I never had chance to do what I want to do, like pursue my BA, esp the scholarship I strongly intended to, or being involved in internship, volunteer, being sucked with school works and all that jazz. Those are what I want to do. Somehow, life leads you to where you don't expect to go.

    Good luck with your performance in HELLSTORY! haha i love this word!

  2. THE THING IS I'm not finished my whole post yet. U're the earliest to comment, of course. Thank for keeping an eye on me. hehehe

    Well, I understand ur feeling. Being unable to do what u want to do is heartbreaking. But a lot of ppl can't do everything they want all the time, and it's just that u don't get ur opportunity. I meant, staying in touch with schooling is what everyone can do, right? U can go back to school next year or the other year when u're ready. Nobody is too late to learn. U only have to wait teeny bit longer, that's all.

    Thank for loving my new word, and do u like Hopportunity too?

  3. at least you participated and got over your fear of public speaking. that's the most important thing

  4. First of all, that picture is funny. Guess, your face would be like that. Hehe.

    I'm always nervous talking in front of many people, but I don't really understand sometimes; I want to make a public speaking, but I'm sure I'll have stage-fright. *shrug*

    OH! I love Debate! I'm planning to join Debate Club at my university next year. I think it's fun to see my team lose. Lolz... Kidding.

    I like that - learning by dying yourself, and Hellstory. Genius.

  5. Oh yea! I got into nerves, too when I was performing for the first time. However, I did not join the debate team. Anyhow, congratulation to you, at least you gave it a try! Good try my dear!

    Great news! I finally obtained my certificate of Diploma. Hence, I will pursue to my Degree level, probably in late March. Great news are meant to be shared, ain't it? ^^

  6. Since when you dare to make up the words like this? Oh u start to be like Clarice Bean, who made up the word, "Exceptionordinary!". lolz

    I'm so careless you know. Look, 4 years already. Dang! I hardly have time to think about school. And the thing is, I don't learn much from what I'm doing.

  7. Manju: That's what I'm telling myself. At least, I did it. Speaking before public is no biggie! Thank for encouraging,friend~.

  8. Kelly, I used to feel the same way as u. But as time passed, I started to get bored over public speaking and even annoyed, the only reason is bcoz I'm lazy to the bone about stuff like that. And stuff like that always give me stress.

    Yes, I might look just like the pic or might be not, bcoz as I look as around, other ppl start to scratch their hair off, and this act is frightening, so I don't want to scare myself out too.

    To Jes: Oh, that's typical, right? Confident is not a gift, it's something we all can develop. I experienced stage-fright, but my friends said I didn't show any sighs of being afraid. That's a good thing about me, I guess. But still, nothing is success without practice and u know that! Congratulation to u, sooner u'll be a college girl. Hehehe

  9. To Panharath: Hahaha, I always learn fast in some inappropriate skill like that. My friends said I play words, but I think I play meaning better than words. Whatever.

    Anyway, do u think u can make it to school next year? I encourage u to try to apply and see if u can keep up with the schoolwork as well as ur office work. I know getting started is tough at first, but u don't know it, unless u start it, right? Go get ready, girl!

  10. i am afraid of public speaking! i always be nervous about it. the funny thing is, when i was in high school, my English teacher is my mom, yes i was taught by my own mother, and she knew that i was too ashamed to speak in front of people, so she forced me to join debate team. yes, like you do now! it was embarrassing, but it works! now, i am braver than before, and less nervous! :)

  11. That's so cool to have a mom like that. I'm glad she did this to u. Yes, it's a bit frightening to stand and talk to people we don't know. But it's okay, I don't feel nervous after I plant my feet on the floor. People learn fast, right?

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  13. Er, NaThary, are you interested in Lyda's research?

  14. lolzz. you guys seem close in here. Do you stay in touch like every second ? hehe.. Anyway, I like your new word Hopportunity. It's funny! I've heard that word in a movie. okay, I gotta go. I'm hungry. Good days fellow..

  15. Oh I'm willing to help anything u want me to lyda. Contact u soon, if I have enough time to spar.

    Yes, kelly I'll be her part of project.

    Hi Princess. That's lovely to hear from u. I keep in touch with everyone who comment here. Thank u for liking my new word. Hopportunity is in a French accent of a lady in the movie. Shopaholic... I think u know it too.

  16. Happy Birthday Kiddo! Buy yourself a break!

  17. Just you wish! I have no break, dude! But thanks a lot.

  18. No need to show your gratitude toward me, but you're welcome.


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