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Seek peak into Cambodian Culture:
I went to do research about one of the most sacred places called Preah Ang Dongker. Not everyone knows about the history of Preah Ang Dongker, so I decided to write about it for my History class.
People believe it to be the place where spiritual beings stay. There is a status of Vishnu from 12th century inside the temple, I couldn’t get my way to take a shot inside, because people were flooding in and out as it was a holy day in Buddhist calendar. I'm no photograph-genius but these are my favorite snapshots to share.
Dedicating fruits and lotus.
Traditional music is being offered every holy day. The gathering place
The sacred banner of our capital
Did you know the name Dongker or Dongtong means banner? In the past, Khmer naval was excellent in battles, they always came to pray in front of the sacred banner before they set off to wars. Even the monarchs also closely associates with this higher power.
More often than not, when Cambodian people swear over something serious, they would swear by Preah Ang Dongker, the holy spirit that protect the royal palace and our city, the same way the Greeks swear by the river Styx—which is the river that surround the underworld in Greek mythology.
We might seem very religious, because we come from a long line of the people who believed in “Nak Ta.” or ancestor spirit. But we have a Khmer proverb said that “If you don’t believe, don’t disrespect.”
Seek peak into personality:
The pictures were taken at the same day, so I just post them together. That's me and my friend having bubble conversation. And the last picture is funny, it's from the interior of my friend's car.
How can you see the rearview with all these stuffed animals blocking your sight? It makes me raise an eyebrow in irony when I look at them.
But, girls are just being girls, right?
Well, this is a bit of a chab chay post. I mix a lot of stuff together today. Anyway, it's going to be Chinese New Year soon. Let have a great time everyone!
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  1. Long time no talk you look great!

  2. interesting!
    hope i can visit there sometimes.. :)

  3. haha... The two girls picture is so funny! Can't stop laughing.

  4. To samrach, thank for visiting again. I don't look great all the time.

    To dela: I hope you can come to visit someday, thank for ur interest.

    To Princess: The two girls are always like that. hehehe

  5. Well, i go there sometimes, esp my sisters- they are very religous. It's weird, you know, I never noticed there is a banner. Ha ha. Even the meaning of the name never crossed my mind. Thanks for the pictures.

    Yeah, the two girls look funny. Lolz. . .

  6. Look like u got your haircut dear.

    Btw, at least ur friend got those cutie stuffs in her car, as I only have dirt and rubbish in mine. lol so what would u say about it? Not girls are just being girls rite?

    I used to go Preak Ang Dangker back then in 12th grade. u might know why im there rite?

  7. Yes kelly, at first even me also didn't know about that, but the banner picture is my most favorite, u know why, becoz when I accidentally looked up at the sky, I saw it, I was like "My god, it's already here the whole time!" I hope to bring more pics from Lovek, I bet you guys never heard of that name even you already knew it.

    Panharath: It was for praying to get good grade right? Even it's a bad habit to relay on higher power to help, but I think most of the people need this psychological comfort.

    Well, for girls like you and I are an exceptions. I barely wash mine too. I got a haircut twice, and the last time was terrible.

  8. oh i remembered that place! That was the most famous religion temple in Phnom Penh. I've been there once and you've no idea what happen to me.

    I was standing outside carrying the coconut thing, which I don't know, for my aunt. I was standing right there when there was an about 12-year-old homeless kid stand right next to me and put his hand through my mini skirt! I was about to scream, but I shut my mouth instead. He was just a kid.

  9. Oh that's so sticky, I'm sure you didn't want to spoil ur mood with him. But sorry for such situation, I know there's always something like that happens everywhere. Just be aware next time, alright?

  10. I am very careless but yeah, I'll be more careful next time. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year *hug*

  11. I just got mine cut. It makes me look like a 28 years old lady, but a long as it comforts me. I don't mind.

  12. To Panharath: I don't know what is like with ur new hairdo as I don't see u in person yet, maybe I can tell ur age for u when we meet. Lolzz..Kiddin
    Nah...don't be pessimistic, maybe other see the opposite view of ur look.

    To Princess: Ah Happy Chinese New Year, dear! Have a great time with ur family na...


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