If Look Could Kill…

After hours of loaded work, I spent an idle lunch break with one of my friend at the cafeteria. Somehow, even eating lunch makes it feel like another load of work. I only kept staring at everyone who passed by and ignoring the tray of untouched food as if I was too burnout.

The atmosphere was full of college mates. It got my mind floating about the words of mouth, saying that the afternoon-students are very fashionable —true!

The school has even set up dressing codes against it, something like - No mini skirts or ragged jeans allowed and any showing-skinned clothes are banned, but that's no use for those who are too cool for rules. So there I was, doing nothing but watch, pretending like I was attending a catwalk show.

But what it boils down to this is that, there were these girls who brought my bad habit into perspective. When I was staring at them — long enough to let them feel my gaze, perhaps.

One of the girls started to pull the other one away, and she was like "Come on! Let's go, let's go!" and before they left, she gave a glance at me from the corner of her eyes.

Just like that, it hit me like a thunderbolt! I turned to my friend who was working on her laptop computer while eating.

"Can I ask you one thing?" I said lifelessly.

She looked up and said, "What?"

"Am I too ugly that when I look at people they start to run?"

She giggled at my question and said, "No, you're not ugly."

"Then what?" I asked.

"You're just intimidating," she replied, and her words struck me.

"Intimidating?" I repeated — strangely, being bad has never felt this good. "Wow, that's cool! Intimidating, I like it!" and then I started to munch my lunch happily although my friend didn't seem to get it.


That suits me perfectly, sometimes I brush my teeth twice, sometimes I stare at people in the public, and some other times I talk to myself. I guess at one point, you just come to realize yourself from a daily basic — that you are practically going psycho!

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  1. Everyone is psycho, don't you think so? Just different type of psycho! Congrats for finding yourself as a psycho, because at least you're not really under abnormal state.

    Well, it's fun sometimes when we find ourselves doing something weird unconsciously. I find it fun.

  2. lolz.. Rath is right. We are psycho in different ways. I am a psycho too. Sometimes I find myself doing something weird or talking weird. I talk to myself a lot, if that counts as an psycho too. I stare at people too! It's funny sometimes when we recall it.

    Those girls are like the girls I talked about in my post, but they are different in one thing! lolzz..

  3. Well, well, well, all of my psycho friends!

    Rath: I see your point, you're making it lighter to me feel better about being psycho, but that's so bad while it makes you feel so good. I meant being psycho is doing whatever we want and don't care about others feeling, right? And these are just the small part of me, maybe I will learn use my power of mind more.

    Medelin: It might not count as psycho by just talking to urself, but talking non-stop even in your own head can cause brain exhausted, so it might lead to metal disorder, that's why I count it in for my case. Anyway, that's okay, you're not yet intimidating after all, you're cute!

  4. haha feel free doing whatever we want but should be aware of others feeling too. Sometimes it may bother them.

    I'd like to correct the sentence like this, "Doing whatever we want and not to worry too much about what others might think of you!"

  5. Haha, I've missed the NOT again! What I wrote before wasn't "that's so bad..." I wanted to write "that's not so bad, while it makes you feel good."

    Damn, why the NOT always keep changing my meaning?

    Well, that's what I meant also. -Do whatever we want- who cares? *Beam*

  6. haha Nathary.. ugh, I've heard the word "cute" for so many times, but seldom hear the word "pretty".. LOL Joking..

    Anyway, I just updated the grandmother's post.. Drop a visit!!

  7. Ugh ugh ugh, I came to read this post so late! I missed all the joke and teases about being a psycho! Lolz. . . . It's cool to be one, you know. I do things strangely sometimes. Talking to myself is for one, and crush my teeth 4 times! Lol. . . I mean sometimes only. Hey, you're not alone! Lolz...

  8. Just late, but not too late. I still can receive your comment though, hehehe. Whoa, crush your teeth? Good thing that ur teeth are strong! Lol...Thank for sharing your weirdness, dear!

  9. haha! i remember reading one of your facts - that you have the tendency to stare at people. i had a good laugh reading this because what you did was something i normally do too. god, why are we so intimidating like that? not that i'm complaining. we love being intimidating!

    oh, one thing about brushing your teeth twice. i do that too, all the time. until a dentist told me that too much fluoride/calcium in your teeth is bad, or words to that effect.

    but i still brush my teeth four times a day. bad habits are hard to kick so nathary, my friend. you and i, we're going o lose our teeth by the time we hit 56! :D

  10. How funny! I laughed when I read this. Well, when we lose our teeth together at 50something,then will we seat at the front porch together too? hahaha

    Yeah, I try not to stare too much, well I rest my case. However, habit is hard to break, I can't stop being intimidating lolzz...

    I brush my teeth twice at a time, so it double to 6 times a day. Oh toothfairy, have mercy! Lol...


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