The Goddess of Dancing.

Apsara-, a feminine consonant stem or Accharā (Pāli), is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. An Apsara (Sanskrit: अप्सरा: apsarāḥ, plural अप्सरस: apsarasaḥ, stem. an angel of dancing and music.
The divine power of an Apsara… Hypnotic, alluring, sophisticated and true to the human love of art performance. Frequently encountered English translation of the word “Apsara” is “nymph”. There are thousands of Apsaras curved on the temples in Cambodia.
One of the great performances in Angkor. [ Here, you can spot the god-king sitting on his throne]
The Angel Face From The Glory of Rama
The ancient Khmer civilization loved and honored these beautiful young women… Ancient Greece also built statues to glorify them as Celestial goddesses or maidens. Apsaras are supernatural beings. They appear as young women of great beauty and elegance and who are proficient in the art of dancing. These Apsaras would dance in the temples of Gods or in front of God-kings.
No one knows how much I'm deeply in love with Khmer classical dance and Apsaras. My eyes always goggle out in awe whenever they perform. The way in which they present themselves, the posture, the position of the arm, and the position of the body, all reflect the meanings and to tell a story. Each movement is elegantly smooth and inhumanly sophisticated. Even you have no idea what is all about, you still can get carried way.
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  1. interesting! it makes me wanna visit Cambodia. well, i hope I can go there, enjoying their appearance. :)

  2. They are so beautiful and elegant. They also represent our Cambodian women- physicially soft, caring, and loving, but spiritually strong and determine. Honestly, i wish to wear like Apsara once in my life time and take a picture of me in those cloth in front of Angkor Wat ignoring many eyes staring at a weirdo like me. Hahahaha. . . I consider Apsara as an angel whom we can think of when we're in trouble. ;-)

  3. I was here princess :) been away for so long. When i was reading my friend's blog, I somehow rmb this blog. I've read 5 posts of yours today, and left a comment before I left. Good night :)

  4. To Dela: Oh sure, if you happen to visit Cambodia, don't miss the Apsara dance! It's nice you enjoy their appearance, so do I!

    To Kelly: You're not going to be a weirdo with Aspara costume, maybe a lot of people would want to take a picture of you or with you! You know like a superstar.

    Yes, I do agree, they're the symbol of our women. You really have the right opinion about Apsara personalities. Love it!

    To Barbie: I've missed you!!! I'm glad you made time to read my blog still. Thank you for the comment, hope to hear from you again.

  5. I think the Greece honored 'Muses' which is about the same concept as Apsaras.

    My mom always talks about how she was forced to learn Khmer Classical Dance as a child, and she HATED it! Her grandmother favored her out of her 8 siblings, so she forced HER to take lessons. She always mentions how strict the teachers were, and they almost always taught with a stick in hand! So in case you mess up *hit* :O

    There is a group of Khmer classical dancers that performs around the states. They're quite good, but hard to catch. I believe they perform at the Cambodian Embassy every time the Khmer New Years rolls around in Washington, DC.. (which is about only 15 minutes away from my house!)

  6. You know what? My first dream when I was a child is to be an Apsara Dancer! I was deeply in love with it. I love dancing and singing since then. Now imagine, how a dancer I will be look like in this weight? lolzzz

  7. To Mel&Funk: Oh, that's very interesting. Yeah, as far as I know, all the dancers must be favored from their senior ones, like your grandma for example and also they must be talented too. This is an important destiny, it takes years and years of sacrifice, becoz Apsara dancers are not normals performers, they're the representatives of goddess and the dance is valued by all Cambodians.

    To Panharath: Well, it's bit too late, I guess. Since Apsara dancers have to learn how to dance before they could even walk, so there might be no chance for you or me. Hehehe.. I always try to imitate Apsara movements without looking like an idiot, but it's still impossible.

  8. HeHeHe. . . It's not a free of charge here. 1 dollars for taking picture with this Apsara! Lol. . . I used to learn How to dance classical dance when i was in grade 7th, but too bad i didn't pay much attention and always skip the class. Bad bad student. Humm. . . Let me imagine you and Rath dancing Apsara's moves. Lolz. . . .

  9. wow, so cultural.. I know I have least knowledge about Khmer culture but hell yeah, Apsara is so beautiful. Perfectly describes Cambodia women.

  10. To Kelly: Oh, so you wanna do a business out of that? Mmm...what a pretty good idea. 1 dollar for a picture with the Apsara? Well, I'll give you 2 if you were an Apsara. Lolss..

    Too bad, if I were you, I wouldn't skip the lesson, I'd let the lesson skips me instead. lol, it's a very hard thing to do, I guess, it takes both talent and heart.

    To Med: Yes, it's quite cultural, you already know what our culture is, and I'm just sharing the part that most of us already know, that's all. *Wink*

  11. Ohhh I want to see the Apsaras dance at Angkor Wat!!


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