The Happy Ending!

Time is scarce after my new term starts. Okay, here I have got some pictures from my friend’s wedding reception. Finally, one of my friends got married! Yay!
Before the wedding day started, we had a sleepover together, and we pretended that it was a bachelorette night for the bride!
The next morning when we prepared for the event, I kept making the bride crack up while the stylists was trying to hold her make-up, until they kicked me out of the dressing room for that! [That’s how I got a job as babysitter later.]
The next bridegroom to-be
Toast for the newly weds! Yay!
She's settled and is in peace, right?
The hardest part is to freeze and grin. We did it over and over again a lot that day. Lol
Let them have their privacy.
Well, I have lost most of the pictures by accident, so these are what I have left from my camera, too bad that all of my best shots go down the drain, otherwise, you'd enjoy seeing the proper wedding process. It never occurs to me that wedding is the happiest time, even it isn't yours.
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  1. Super honestly, you look stunning! lolz You don't look like a kindergaten at all! lolz Pretty dear!

    It's great to have friends got married.

    When will be yours?

  2. Oh, thank you Panharath, so now am I upgrade from kindergartner to 1st-grader already? Lol.

    Yeah, she's going great.

    Deng ey te, sur ke jeng ort deng ke ean te ey? So when it will be yours too?

    I think you have a better chance to get married than me, coz you've lovely cheeks!

  3. hey beautiful!!!

    honestly, these whole wedding post and pictures make me wanna get married soon! *blushing*

  4. Nathary, you didn't answer the question yet. When is your turn ?

  5. Lovely, pretty, beautiful, stunning, and breath-taking! Lolz. . . . Yeah, when will be yours? Some of my friends already got married, and each time i joined each wedding, i felt happy for them, you know, for their happy ending!

  6. Happy and toast for your friend!
    When will it be your turn? =D

  7. lol.. I don't which one is you in those pictures.

    why is everybody keep asking you when is your turn?? lol... wanna get married that much? haha

    I am afraid of marriage so better stay outta this. lol..

  8. Hey, you look like a girl.
    Anyway, I like the last sentence.

  9. Oy yoy! Too many commentators this time, even my bestie also here. I think everyone must really love wedding then.

    To Dela: Yeah, I think you should be. But first, find your Mr.right! Or you already have him?

    To Samrach: Whenever it comes! Lol... well I think it will be a long way to go for me.

    To Kelly: Lol...too many compliments, I have no word to reply. Yes, I'm happy for every couple who make their happy ending come true.

    To Jes: Thank you, she'd be happy to get ur toast too. hehe

    To Medelin: Yes I wonder the same thing also, why everybody keep asking me when my turn is? Do I look like I need to get a husband now? haha...
    Whatever you say, when the day comes you'll change ur word.

  10. To Goofy-doggie: I don't think you ever thought of me a girl before, so no surprise I never did about you too, man!

    Hey, you like somebody else's wedding? I thought you always complained about it.

  11. lol! i laughed so hard when i read the part you got kicked out of the dressing room - it happened to me too! who would've thought you can get kicked out just for making a person laugh! :D

    you look stunning!

    how did you lose the rest of the photos? hope that won't happen again. i know how frustrating that can be.

    send my best regards to the newlyweds. :)

  12. Nathary, niyay tam trong, Nhom jong ka del neng na, te khmen nak yol 70 sors.

  13. Haha.. Samrach wants to get married. Ort ey te Samrach, there are many pretty girls in here, choose one tov.. hehe

  14. Really, Ok maybe you are my first choice. Kidding,,, m too young to get married.

  15. To Ana:'s so nice to know that I made u laugh. Well, it was just that my goofy ego came in the wrong time, y'know the bride was getting her makeup done, but I just made her crack up non-stop.

    I didn't know how I lost the photos, too. It just did, and yeah it's kind of annoying, but that's okay, I'll send your regard, dear!

  16. To samrach: Hehehe, if you can't find someone who yol 70 you, just take someone who yol 60 kor ban der! hehehe.

    Medellin is right, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

  17. he he, rok A yol 60 neng min ban teat neng ha,,,

  18. Samrach: LMAO,, hehehehhe.,..

  19. haha anyway i just got it that you look a lot like Pich Chan Boramey!

  20. mex neng, samrach? lol.. what's with the expression?

  21. Pich Chan Boremey na tov? I never know I look like anyone but myself. But thank for observation. Hehehe Pich Chan Boremey kor ban, oy ta sa-art tov ban heuy...hehehe

    To Samrach& Medelin: Funny guys!

  22. LOL.. Hey Samrach, we have become a comedians in here.. heheh

  23. He he he, that not bad coz we not only me!

  24. Well, I think of wedding as a birthday party. You know - drinks all around!

    The part that I don't like about wedding is that I have to be with the same person the whole life.

    The part I like about it is when it is not mine. Savvy?


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