Le pain, anyone?

I read a book called "Traveling Asia". The author wrote one section about Cambodia and he got to the point that said, "Most Asians do not eat bread but the Cambodians do."
I was like, "Man, you're right.".
From the breadman's basket To the cutting board And ready to serve!
Here, French influence is still noticeable in Cambodia in many ways. French has left behind the colonial buildings, language and yeah...even their bread, [ literally]! In fact, bread has become one of our daily food apart from rice, [ just like the Chinese having noodle as their substitute meal.]
I used to read a foreign blogger who wrote, "The bread in Cambodia is surprisingly good, it even tastes great without butter!" That's why every time I hear a breadman calls, I run out of the house to catch him!
Surely, you can eat bread with beef soup or chicken curry, or you can as well eat it with paté, or just go plain. Not only it's delicious but also inexpensive, for a whole bread costs only 20 cent or 800 Riel, plus a real Cambodian taste!
Think if you might have an urge to grab one after seeing the pictures above? Lol!
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  1. whoaa.. i've just known it. i always think Cambodian eat rice like Indonesian do! :)

  2. Yes, that's true. I love eating bread, substituing rice, sometimes. Honestly, I'm so hungry bread with curry right now reading your post. Lolz . . . . . Gonna grab one soon.

  3. I'd be delighted if I have the chance to give it a try, a Combodia bread without any spreading on it. Well, objection here i come, because Malaysians consume lots of bread, too. =) Usually, I have them as my breakfast and tea time - sandwich.

    PS: Haven't grab the time to write on the 100 things about me which tag-ged by you and Pan. =) *Wee*

  4. To dela: Oh, we do eat rice like Indonesian, it's just that we have our own bread as our food supply at the same time. It's good in both world, isn't it?

    To Kelly: Yeah, you should grab one! Btw, the picture wasn't curry, it's beef soup actually.

    To Jes: Of course, not only Cambodians eat breads, there are a lot of ppl who eat bread as their daily meal. Even in the Muslim world, they consume bread every mealtime and the Indians also eat their own bread constantly. Some Asians might eat bread when they feel like eating bread, but some like Cambodians eat bread as a part of their food.

  5. Oh me, Le Pain ei kor nham der! I'm big fan of Pain! From VN Pain to Western Pain.

    Oh I miss curry! Where to grab it?

  6. wow, Nat. Those are delicious! I love bread! I am mouth watering alreadly.. hehe..

  7. To P: J'adore le Pain, et toi aussie? Great! Hahaha...I didn't talk about VN bread or Western bread, I focused only Khmer bread, the ones we make for ourselves. You're kind of a little too universal, you know. Lol...

    To Med: I'm glad you like it, grab the tissue for your mouth watery first before order the bread.(",)

  8. To doggie-boogie: I thought you have had enough of curry over there. Okay, maybe you meant about the pain, right? Be patient, dude!

  9. Haha yep! Universal love. I just like all bread, except the ones kream kream near the bus station!

  10. Of course about du pain. Curry? Je le trops deteste, mate.

  11. Tu le trops deteste? Qui, I know you hate it now, becoz it's not like you can get away with it for 6 years in the row, mate!

    Btw, how's my french, dude? Hehehe!

  12. To Panharath: Whoa, I guess I didn't say anything about universal lover! Except if you have universal blood type, so I would believe...Lolzz

  13. Thanks mate, that's promising.

    Your french? Improved, I guess.


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