Story That Left Untold.

I am a big fan of the LIFT, mainly it's just because the newspaper is free of charge. I like free things, so to speak. The last issue was such a surprise to me, it was about the rise of homosexuals in Cambodia, and I have found a couple of Khmer-films that concern about this kind of stuff. So I decide to write it off for good.
There is a transformation in Cambodian concept about homosexuality. In the past, people used to believe that a gay or lesbian was just a reincarnation of a male or female in the previous life. It's because the majority of Cambodians are Buddhist who believe in life after death, but it's just one of the explanations at the time.
Who am I? is the most successful movie that ever produced. I had done a film report about it for my Gender Studies class and got a low rank of A. It is a true story of some movie stars in Cambodia, adding that the producer wrote the film to raise awareness of discrimination against lesbians. Pretty cool, huh?
I have a friend who has a homophobia, she said "I hate gay people! They create social disorder."
"Do they kill anyone or steal anything?" I asked.
"Well, whoever they are, they're just the problem that our society is facing now. If you allowed homosexuals, soon there would be abortion, divorce, transgender, our country would become chaotic, it might lead to a war, you know, just like religious war." she said. I looked at her and laughed.
I told her she was committing a slippery slope fallacy, [ Just so you know, I got an A in logic, too]. At that point, I couldn't help thinking she sounded so childish.
"Don't you think it is serious?"
"Not to me, I don't disgrace homosexuals." I simply said.
"So you're ignorant, you don't contribute a thing to stop this!" she accused me.
I rolled my eyes, "Come on, if something like that could be stopped, Jesus Christ wouldn't have to write the bible like, "A man laying on anther man shall burn in hell." and still there are gays and lesbians exist around the world until today. I think being gay is like having brown hair." I said.
"Whatever, I still believe they just want to be like that, not because they don't have a choice."
"Then I would say..." I said in a theatrical tone, " ...anything that involve with LOVE- must be a good thing!"
"Oh please, just shut up!" she snapped.
I sighed and shook my head in dismay. Well, it's not like I could cure her homophobia anyway.
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  1. Oh, dear. She really needs to see the bigger picture.

    Congrats on the A's!
    You go, ace!

  2. Yes, I hope she could see a bigger picture too, but not for now.

    Thank dear!
    Always like your cheer.

  3. So how are you? I miss talking to you. Do you have a Facebook account? It's not exactly easy to keep up through Formspring. It's always flooded.

  4. Oh Ana, I thought you would never ask.
    To be honest, I enjoy reading your formspring better, I don't really have anything to do with my Facebook account. But if you don't mind, could you give me yours?

    You can drop it in my formspring, so that I could protect your privacy, ok?

  5. Haha Nat, you sound so optimistic about homosexual. Um, I have pretty much no thought about it, but i kinda don't like it either. well, not that I discriminate them. For some of them, they act aggressively and with no morality. For some of people, they do not deserve any respect from people. However, there are always the good one and the bad one so yeah. lol

  6. True enough, Med. You always point out the Pro and Con, and I always on the pro, you know that, that's why my best friend said I'm a pro-gay. I'm just trying to walk in their shoes, and to have a bigger heart for the humanity.

  7. Ummm I used to be strongly optimistic with homosexual... but now both optimistic and pessimistic. I feel comfortable with gay, but I don't really feel comfortable with lesbian. But as long as we can be friend, I don't think them in bad way and to be true, they are fun to be with.

    But from my perception, from what I've seen, homosexuals are a bit selfish, and even more incredibly selfish when love is involved... just like the movie(Though I only saw the trailer).. However, on the other way, I think that everyone is selfish when it comes to love, maybe. But the level of homosexuals' selfishness is a bit higher than us.

  8. Nat, I totally understand. We are all human with equal rights. Sometimes I try to get myself to walk in people's shoes to get to know how the feeling is like.

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  10. haha rath. Seriously, I never have a homosexual friend before. Perhaps I don't really like them, not that I dislike, just feel so uncomfortable being with them. I never give much thoughts to it either.

    Selfishness? I am so agree with you. I know that women could be cruel when it comes to love than men but for homosexual, they are extreme and scary(I saw that on TV) lol..

  11. Rath, I don't try to prove anyone wrong, in high school, I had a few friends who are homo too, but most of the time, they made me want to laugh, but they didn't scare me, it's kind of entertaining to have them, it's just like friendship and love see no color.

    Well, you have your point, it's great to hear all side of the story. You know you can like anyone as you please, it doesn't matter. I just try to provoke a feeling of openness, for my view is that, if you can't like them, you don't have hate them either.

    Gee, you're afraid that being around lesbian will turn you or what? Let me laugh!

  12. Med, you can hate a certain gay or lesbian who behave bad, it's reasonable enough, but for my friend's case she hates all people who are gay, that's why I try to defend it, becoz it's not what a rational person would do, you know. And if you have never known a certain gay or lesbian who is bad, but you hate him or her bcoz who they are, that will be the real problem that our society is facing.

  13. Ha, homosexual again, Nat! HeHeHe. . . Well, did I mention that i had lesbians as my classmates back in grade 9? I agree with you that they aren't that scary or anything. I was comfortable with them. Those two girls were head over heals in love, or still are, i heard so! I wasn't feared that one of them would have love me, for every time They were around, they Let us sense that they were not available. :-D

    I once experienced this myself- there was a sort of tom girl at school. Then, we become friends though. However, she was gradually very nice to me. Luckily, I sensed sth wrong, and tried not to keep close contact with her. I thought she understood that I'm not into her, and She backed off. What I'm trying to show here is that we all should treat gay/lesbian as a person, and we should be used to all this homosexual thing.

    PS: Nat, you should get a facebook account after twitter! Lol. . .

  14. Kelly scored!

    Well, at least you're one of the people who could see the clear picture about this too. I admire the fact that a girl had a crush on you back in high school which means you're attractive even to women. Hahaha...

    Oh, facebook is really out of hand for me. I could only manage a few accounts, hope you excuse me for that..


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