Are You an ADD Person?

You're listening to "Run Devil Run" by Ka$sha. You think it's sort of touchy to have a dollar sign in your name. You pick up your guitar and play "Dangerous To Know" by Hilary Duff. You drop it off and pick a novel book to read. And then you go on to solve your economic problems on demand and supply. Afterward, you find yourself posing for a random picture.
We can get a general notion that these activities are operated at the same time by the same person and who is suspected of having ADD. In fact, A.D.D or Attention Deficit Disorder is the most unknown disorder in the history of psychology. A lot of my blog friends asked me what the term ADD is about?
Do I look like a person who has ADD?
Well, I dunnooo...
Well, it's quite hard to describe the symptom of ADD in just one post. So I'm only going through a bit of everything here. They could roughly say that having ADD is just like being nearsighted, but the problem doesn't lie in your eyes, instead it's in your mentality.
ADD symptoms cause a person to be hyperactive, impulsive, imaginative, creative, and also inattentive.
All of these prevent a person from performing a task effectively.
Just like I have mentioned, I'm suspected of having ADD myself, even I'm not hyperactive, I'm still fit into another category of this disorder. My best friend is also a target of ADD, but she insists on being normal. So let her be.
I had always wondered why some people can achieve academic greatness while the others -like myself - stuck in one status all the time, although I know I'm not any worse than them if I try harder. But I have trouble staying focus, [inattentive]. Always bouncing around in my own head [imaginative]. A chronic tendency to put things off or do things excessively [impulsive]. I usually skip letters in writing or simply write the word wrong and the same thing happens to the way I speak [too-creative!] and many other things combine together.
But having ADD doesn't ban you from becoming what you want to be. It doesn't prevent me from getting good grade anyway. ADD is commonly happened to bright people [That's what the book says, not me]. Leonardo Da Vinci and Mozart are the good example of people who have ADD.
This kind of disorder is different from any other disorders. It has advantages, like you have an undiscovered power or energy that you have to learn how to control it. You can as well be hyperfocus, imaginative and creative. In such a sense, you must know how to work around the other destructive traits, because ADD would either make us or break us -both academic and professional life.
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  1. Ohhhh I can see your point. I thought ADD was sth like "So Jis Bo Lis" as far as I remember, it's Read, Write, Listen and Think, which are used in term of study.

    Ok, I got what ADD is now. At first, I think I'm having ADD on the parts you said that: "ADD symptoms cause a person to be hyperactive, impulsive, imaginative, creative, and also inattentive. All of these prevent a person from performing a task effectively." But when you, or the book, said it commonly happened to bright people, I doubt that I'm having ADD. lolzz

  2. Oh Oh P.S. I asked you in Twitter if you play guitar, but you didn't replay.

    So i'm asking here: Do you play guitar? Can you teach me? I asked my bro but he also knows little. And until now, I'm dumb at playing guitar ar del. I have trouble at holding the chords on each fret. HELP!!!!!!

  3. Oh,Panh! I'm not psychologist, so I don't know if you have ADD or not. Even me, I'm suspicious only. Yeah, usually ADD happens to bright people, but how bright I don't know, just so u know criminals are very bright too.

    I didn't mean I might have ADD bcoz I'm bright, no! It's not like that, but I always notice this myself. And everything fits, even the cases in the book are also familiar to me. So I have a doubt of having ADD, that's all.

    Don't you realize that ADD patients have to undergo medication? I don't want to go to a shrink! So I guess, I would insist on being normal just like my bestie.

    PS: Hey, why do you doubt yourself when the book says the disorder goes to bright people? You know ADD patients usaully think of themselves as stupid, even they know deep down that they're smart.

    I'm sure if I ask you a question like "Do you think you're stupid?" You would say "No, I don't think I'm stupid" and you know that!

    About the guitar chords, well, I tell you the truth, I only know one song, my bestie taught me a long time ago, but I have no time to practice, so one song is enough to sooth my mood for now. Anyway, my mom still keeps saying that it's not ladylike to play guitar, so?

  4. What? Am I at the right place to write comment? Lolz.... Well, nothing much to say, but YES, I'm sure I'm another ADD person. I find it hard though to make good use of it, but sometimes I lose focus and gone wild. Lolz....

    I think I notice alot of things, yet I don't really know clearly about them. So, Nat, thanks for sharing.

  5. Never mind Kelly. I think everyone really loves to be ADD now, becoz it feels like at least we get a excuse, you know it's like "Oh, I have ADD! I can't do my homework now." lolzz.

    I meant a lot of people think ADD happens to them too. Well, but don't confuse na...ADD is more than you can think, becoz this disorder could be misunderstood easily- either we're having ADD or we're merely undisciplined ourselves.

    I hope you can be well if you think you have one too. *Wink*

  6. Oh Yes, it could be great excuse until my lecturer ask ' What the heck is that AdD?' Lolz. . . . Right, Let me take a better look at myself first whether I'm a real Add person.

  7. Oh Yes, it could be great excuse until my lecturer ask ' What the heck is that AdD?' Lolz. . . . Right, Let me take a better look at myself first whether I'm a real Add person.

  8. Did you ask that to your teacher? OMG! Yeah, I think it's better for me not to have it.

  9. well, your post makes me wondering am I an ADD person? I am absolutely an hyperactive person, with huge imagination inside my head. But, whether I have this disorder or no, there's no way it can bother me to reach my targets and dreams. :)

    PS. I am sorry, in my latest post, I write in Bahasa. I'll write in English for next post, and I always appreciate for you coming, Nathary! :)

  10. To dela: Maybe you might have it or you might not. The best way to know about ADD is consult with a specialist, I just brought it up to share. Oh, there's no big deal dela. Don't worry about that. I'll always like to visit ur blog. :)

  11. Oh...dear, I don't know if there is any doctor in Cambodia who can tell you more about ADD! Yet, perhaps, you'll find one!

    nathary, Inside my heart has disappeared. I just deactivated it. But I got a new one!

  12. You know in the USA, they say so many people have ADD. It is a problem here because like always kids like to run around and have fun, but the teachers and parents want the kids to act like adults. They give kids Ritalin to make them sit still. SO many kids on drug medicine. Not good.

    I don't know about in Cambodia, but here, our TV is so fast, and video games flash from one thing to the next. The internet has millions of things to look at so we spend a half second looking at tons of stuff. It makes your attention span short. I think that many people are normal in the mind, but all of the things have given us all ADD.

    Sorry Teacher our whole class has it!!haha

  13. To Miss Swiss: I do agree with your point, it's all been said very perfectly. That ADD wouldn't be a problem in here, kids are either raised with physical disciplin or the other. So when they can't sit still, you know what our parents would do. Medicin is unknown, when you act like ADD.

    To Nila: Oh, that's nothing, with or without a doctor, ADD's still not a big deal in here. Thank you for telling me your new blog. I'll link it to mine.


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