Family Reunion+Birthday Party.

When there is a celebration, my folk always take this opportunity to get together and talk about their lives. It's not much about the party itself, but family tie is what count. It was my cousin's birthday, we live just a street away from each other and I managed to take some pictures to keep record of that event.
My boy cousin, every time we meet, we exchange conversation that goes around nowhere but Taylor Swift and David Archuleta, his favorite idols. I guess, he's kind of look like Archuleta himself.
Aren't they beautiful? They're from the same school. The day was all about my cousin, [in red dress] so it seemed like she was the most beautiful girl the spotlight.
Here is my beloved Mommy and me, she's a pretty strong and smart woman, a real economist, a great cook, a gardener, and a person who could make me really laugh. At home, My mom's the captain and we're the crews, my Dad is the navigator, he holds map and compass and set directions. I like to think of my family as a ship sailing through both calm and stormy sea. Oh, I love you, Mom.
Now, my grandma, my makyeay! She's the reason why I love old people. When I was young, she taught me how to pray, she knows all about the royal family, which I'm also fascinated about, because her husband, my grandpa was a royal officer in the Veang [palace]. Having her as a grandma is like holding a grand treasure in the family!
I have captured this moment of joy. I wish my beautiful cousin for her 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday, girl! You know, you're beautiful inside and out and only deserve the good of all thing.
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  1. I think I miss this kind of reunion quite long time. I don't know. Sometimes, ppl just keep busy with earning for living rather than enjoy life, like reunion.

    You look like your mum and I like how you describe your family as a ship sailing. That's how we run a family. Oh honest speaking, but don't mind me saying that I'm sure you will look like your grandma in your old age! LOLZZ... Don't you think you look like her?

    Btw, wou know what? You don't look like the girl I used to meet anymore!!! Like a lady now! Hardly see you post pictures and esp wearing dress! hehehe beautiful, young lady!

  2. P.S. Happy Birthday to your cousin.


    FYI: You should have mention her name! I meant your cousin! lolz

  3. I'm honored if you say I look like them, becoz they're the best people I've ever seen.

    I don't mention my cousin's name becoz I think it's her privacy. But I post her picture instead, so if someone knows her, they wouldn't be sure who she is.

    Thank you, I wear dress only on special occasions. Call me lady, does it mean I'm very old now?

  4. PS: You make me think about the phrase "Like mother, Like daughter" now. Lolzz..waiting to read that book!

  5. Aw . . . . Lovely family! Rath's right- You look like your mom. I also love old people, esp grandmy. I lost all my grandparents, and I wish i could have a chance to see their faces once.

    Is that your cousin's 23th birthday? Oh man. . . She looks so young. And Yeah, you beautiful lady. Wear more dresses, Lets us enjoy seeing the real lady here!!! ;-)

    PS: hope to see you in mini skirt, sometimes. HeHeHe...

  6. Wow.. The party looked so much fun and you guys are so beautiful! ^^ That's a sweet picture of you and your mum. I had one in my blog, too! Guess you already seen.. lol..

  7. To Kell: What? Mini skirt? hehehe Forget it, girl. I'm not much of a lady in skirts.

    Yes, my cousin is so young and very smart and still not in any relationship. I hope she could find someone who will complete her soon. Lol..

    Well, my mom said if I look like her, I must be so lucky in fact.

    To Lin: Yep, I saw your Mother-daughter picture already, you seemed to have a lot of fun too. You're a good daughter, I can tell.

  8. Haha I know right, and so do you Nat..

  9. Haha Kelly might want you to wear miniskirt the same as her! lolzzz

    Nat, I thought you would say, "Yes, my cousin is so young and very smart and still not in any relationship. You interest?" Lol..

    Too bad you have to wait until Oct for Mini Shopaholic! lolz

  10. You made me laugh P! It sounds like I was introducing my girl cousin to Kelly. Lolz

    I think Kelly might want to wear miniskirt than me.

    October for Mini shopaholic, I really count on you, girl!


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