Happy Royal Birthday.

As long as I am one of the Cambodian worshipers of our Royalty. I have to write something about the Royal Family. Well, 18th June was the birthday of the Queen, maybe it's not too late for me to celebrate.
In here, we call our senior monarchs King Father and Queen Mother, because they also call us , their 'Children'. I have brought these pictures from Google, I have to admit, they're very great shots. Thank to whoever took them.
The arrival of the Queen is always greeted by her 'Children' and Jasmine crown. The symbolic flower of our country to honor the supreme beings, and there it went, in our majesty's hand.
The Queen Mother, originally named Paule-Monique Izzi, was born from a French, Caucasian, Italian father and a Cambodian mother. That explains her lovely, uncanny resemblance to England's Queen Elizabeth II. (Well, everyone thinks so.)
She studied at the Primary School Norodom, Sisowath High School, and the Lycée René Descartes. She was President of the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) towards the end of the 1960s, and is currently the CRC Honorary President. All in all, we are very lucky to have her highness as the Queen of Cambodia.
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  1. She's the most elegant woman. In my mind, she's is a real woman. When I see her, I think of Apsara.

  2. Honestly, I just learnt more about our highness reading your post, Nat! Thanks alot for posting it. As Roth said, 'She is the most elegant woman'. I used to try to sit, walk, and talk like her. You know...in a way that Queen is supposed to act. hahaha...

  3. Panharath: Yep, I think so too, that's why I love her, even she's mixed of different nationalities, but she sure has a Cambodian heart. We love our Queen, don't we?

    Kelly: That's funny you tried to learn how to act like a royal member. Well, have you improved your manner with that? I suppose it would teach some important lesson of being a Kol Satrey... Lol...

  4. Hahaha, Kol Satrey ey te. I think my manner is just the same, or worse! Hahaha . . . . Eat like a rat at late night, Claim the stairs with my strength and sound and my mom always scold me on that. She said 'Just you claim the stairs, you can wake the neighbors up!' Lolz. . . That's so MOM! anyway, enough about my pretending-royalty-manner.

  5. That sounds like my mom too. I might think about pretending to be a proper lady someday. Oh, I eat like a rat too. Lol...


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