Talking About Our Little Cambodia

Q: Hey, are you a Cambodian? :D I'm trying to visit there but i heard rumors about like leftover bomb like that. So i'm doubting.
Yes, I'm a Cambodian. It's very nice of you to consider visiting us.
You made me laugh when you told me about leftover bombs. Well, unless you want to explore the wilderness that is banned by CMAC, an organization that deals with mine fields or just want to witness explosion there. Even I, myself, have never seen one in my 21 years of age, so it's most likely that you won't see any during your trip here.
Just in case you have a chance to visit one day, I'd better tell you where to see, first, the ancient Angkor city, second, the modern capital Phnom Penh and third, depends on your taste, whether you want to venture the jungle or visit our provinces, it's up to you. Who knows? You might want to see a leftover bomb once in a lifetime in here. If so, I'd give a two thumb-ups for your bravery!
Q: OMG! You're from Phnom Penh. I went there recently (5 months ago, i guess?) and it was super amazing! :) I still have tons of memories with Cambodia and oooh, we're coming back there at the end of the year. :)You have good English. No offense though but, most people in Cambodia can't speak English, right? Forgive me if I'm wrong but I also heard that Cambodians can really speak French well.
Text Color I'm so glad you did have a great time during your last stay. I hope you'll find quite another interesting one, probably at the end of this year, right? Oh, yeah, I'm not offended at all. It's true, you might have met the Cambodians who don't get any education in English, we're not born with English, we earn it. Well, for most high-school and college students like me, they speak English, fluent or broken English, it depends.
I just know that, now in Phnom Penh, you can talk to any taxi drivers, restaurant waiters or waitresses in English, so I'm sure you're not going to starve if you don't speak Khmer. And Siam Reap (Angkor) as well as other tourist sites, you can find some children speak English too, because it's a language for their living.
There's no surprise to find a 50 years-old who speaks fluently in French in Cambodia, because in the past we were under French colony, so Cambodians had to speak French at schools. My Dad speaks both English and French decently and so does my best friend [though she's not 50 yet]. Cambodia is also considered as a member of Francophone country, but only a few thousands of Cambodian people in Phnom Penh speak good French, the rest would be Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English due to economic growth. That's the way it is in here, I guess. :)
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  1. Cambodia is amazing..! One of the places I MUST visit before I cease to exist.


  2. I'm waiting for your arrival, honey, any time!

  3. Haha. . . The questioner Who asked about leftover bombs made me laugh, too! Bravo, Nat, you replied perfectly cleared. Haha. . . You know, i feel like the would hasn't seen Cambodia that clear.

  4. I know Kelly, maybe we don't see Cambodian that clear too. Sometime, we thought that we were invisible, but I still believe there are people who love our country, we just don't know it yet.

  5. Oh yeah, I just remember of some people come from a place that I dunno, but they do hear about Cambodia. Hehe. Anyway, there was a question on speaking tests, they asked that 'Why do you think people wanted to discover the world?' What do you think, Nat?

  6. Oh kelly, why ppl want to discover the world? There's only one reason: is to know. To get a better understanding of the world around us, how people in different part of the world live, what they do and why they think the way they think. To experience a different set of culture, religion, lifestyle. Discover the world comes in many forms, by traveling, reading the books, seeing or hearing from media, and all of these bring knowledge, that's what people want to get.

    That's all I know, K. Hope that might answer your question. :)

  7. I wanna go to cambodia and see angkor wat!

    one day... soon.... :P


  8. Come, dear saint, we're waiting to see you...soon.. :D

  9. Oh Yeah, i would have answered the same as well, but there's sth mysterious about ancient people discovered the world. Oh, and that is not my question. I heard it on a radio show. :-)

    PS: since when you shorten my name this short, N? Lol. .

  10. Don't you like it, K? It's a nice shortcut, even Panharath gets a P as her name sometime. Well, sounds like you don't like it. Okay, Kelly, darling then? hehehe

    You talked about discovering ancient world or ancient people's discovering the world? Like tombs or temples from the past time?

  11. Hello first time to comment on your blog. BTW i like your post about Cambodia, maybe someday i will go there :D

  12. and I'm proud to say that there are more places to go at any provinces.

    Girl, miss you!
    Hope we all can make it on October and it wont be Sunday! LOL

  13. To North Sun, Thank for your good intention. I'll be glad if you can come here.

  14. Panharath, I miss you too, yes let's hope we can meet on October, hey that's Kelly's birthmonth right? Good time to congrats her then!

    Let's see, we can't hold any promises these days, but well, we'll try...

  15. AW.... I was about to mention my BD when I saw P's comment. Thanks N for remembering. That means alot to me. *blushing*

    Oh yeah, lets see, some P(s) can't hold any promises these days. LOLZ...

    PS: I didn't say I dislike being called "K", N. Don't be confused because I can have excuse to call you N, too!

  16. The words they uttered shows their limited level of education and ignorance :)

    Anyway, just wanna let you know I was here. Take care, princess Nathary <3

  17. To Kelly, I have photographic memory when it comes to lovely girl's BD. Well, when I see you I'll ask for a copy of your story too, I heard that P can get one in hard copy. Are you still writing it? I've been writing stuff for a long while now, but never have the courage to let anyone read. Okay, I talk to much, anyway I'm waiting forward to see bot of you soon.

    To Barbie: Hey, sweet princess! I've missed you, what's eating you these days, you end your relationship with blogspere already? Too sad, but I hope you still do great with your everyday life.

  18. Wow Cambodia! Anyway, lots of things and conversations seem to go on and on recently and I have no idea about it! or have I been left out by blogger? heheheh..

    Kel, your BD coming soon, babe.. :D

  19. Med, where have you been? Long time no see, how are you with your study? Any school event interesting? Hope you're doing great with your life, dear.

  20. Nat, I've been out of town a lot recently and loads of exams are killing me, but now I have some time to loosen up before entering uni. So far there's no interesting school event yet. hehe.. I'm in a tough situation to make the right decision about universities now and I'm so stress. sigh.. Anyway, how have you been, anyway? =)

  21. i haven't given up on blogosphere yet, i just need to leave it aside for awhile, or probably a long while :P

    at least you are well aware that i am still your stalker :) keep updating <3 miss you, Nathary!


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