Elixir by Hilary Duff

What? You can't believe it?
Well, neither can I.
The first time I heard the news, I think I was beyond the clouds. Man, my pop princess wrote a book! I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! But she did release her first book for young adult. Stars don't write book, do they? They're supposed to act from the scripts or some best-selling books. They don't write! Well, not Hilary Duff. And she's not the first either. Oh, I wish I could read her book, too.

Writing is the most laborious thing in the world. I have no idea why people take up this career at all. Sometimes, I wonder if there is a clog in my brain that makes me want to write a book too. But I'm not the crazy one out there, because my best friend also writes a few stories of her own, and she's talented. And now, Hilary Duff, someone I thought would never think of something as scary as plotting a story. Omigosh!
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  1. Wao wonderful! Actress and writer are different profession. She is a multitalented young lady. :p
    I wonder what her book about is.

  2. Oh my! I can't believe either! What? She write a book??? This girl is really something!!! I just googled to see the plot and i got this interview of hers too.. http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Hilary-Duff/71389726/interview

    Thinking about your book-writing, Kelly's writing and Hilary's writing, it digs me a lot of wanting to continue mine. But yet I don't have enough faith to start it over again. Hmmmm

  3. Sari: Yes, she's a total genius, besides being a star, she still has a story to tell.

  4. P: Oh, thank you forthe interview, I wouldn't have known without you. Yes, she's really something, that's why I love her as my idol for years.

    I hope Kelly and I can give you a shove to write your book again. It worth doing, you know.

  5. haha ok... i watched in Youtube also.

    Okay, i'll see. Or maybe I'll go on when I'm turning to 30. lolz I need to know more about 'That' i'm writing about.

  6. Yes, so did I. She's writing a series of that story, cool. Hey why are you suddenly interested with her stuff? You read her interview, you watched her video, how come? Is she inspiring you now?

  7. Really? I mean really really? Oh man, I thought she is just a girlie girlie girl, you know. Well, that's very inspiring then. She used to be my idol as I also made a poster of her on my room wall. Lolz... remember that? Then, Avril Lavigne beats her out of my system. She is still great though. Still watching her movie, and sure will read her book as well!

    @Mak yeay! Should continue writing whatever you have/haven't written. I know starting to a book is quite exciting, but maintaining doing the task is another story. Just like my story, I dunno when it's completely finished. *shrug* But i know you guys have stronger determination. Should know that we all will have readers - us! :D

  8. Nah, I used to be one of her fan. I was crazy over her movies and songs. U know, the way like other teen girls nowadays crazed over K-Pop Star!

    And it's unbelievable hearing about her writing a book.

    And it's my habit of googling & youtub-ing around. LOL

  9. hahaha yeah! It was quite exciting really to kick a start! But when my life changed, I changed with it too. So I can't manage my time and my brain to continue. I can't say I have strong determination. You know blah blah blah. I have no idea too.

  10. To Kelly: Yes REALLY! Well, you're kind of reverse with me, I like Avril Lavigne first, but Hilary Duff kicked her out of my mind later. It's about her attitude as a performer and her personal way of life that gets me. I don't like a celeb just becoz she/he is a celeb. And Avril is my best friend's idol btw.

    To P: Readers are tend to have a good mind for writing, so you should consider whether you're good at both, and I'm sure you are if you put your mind into it.

    But writing is something about the writer's sense of awareness about the world around you. It's a hard work, and Kelly's right, we need to be strong determined to do so, and if we can't, don't do it. It's a just waste of time.

  11. I have to look for my strong determination! Not to far from me right?


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