The Day of the Dead.

Pchum Ben Day is like Halloween in the western culture. By now, all the Buddhist countries are celebrating it, we believe that the dead will rise from hell to receive dedicating foods that their decedents religiously send to them on Pchum Ben Day. I like Pchum Ben, I like the idea that it's the time when the deads and the livings walk on the same earth together.
Believe it or not, on the first day of Pchum Ben, the entire village in which I live heard dogs barking and hollering in a very strange way! We tried to think it's just a coincidence, dogs bark and holler as they please, but why this particular day, and why together at the same night? Man, who doesn't believe in "Brat" the sinful ghosts out of hell now?
Anyway, I know I don't write as often as I used to, but there's nothing memorable to write either. I have started my Summer course at school. This time I've got three classes, English Literature, Syntax, and Personal Growth. Two out of three are time well-spent classes but the other one is a combination of wake-up call and boredom, well, because sometime I feel like, "Yeah I know this stuff," but some other times, I'm like, "My god, I don't even know what kind of English I am speaking right now!"
Well, Lit class is all about watching the old version of Romeo&Juliet and memorizing the scripts in old English from Shakespearean time, I have only one word to describe this, "Torture", and that hasn't included learning about poetry yet. I've heard a zillionth time about this dead man William Shakespeare but I didn't know the most lethal thing about him is his weird way of expressing love.
Okay so, Happy Pchum Ben Day, dear folk!
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  1. I like Literature, I like reading classic novel, but I think Romeo and Juliet is a hard reading because it uses old English. :P

    Have a nice day!

  2. Brat? LOLz... You'd have been careful Don't stay alone at night. Don't turn back when you are walking. and Don't comb your hair at 12am!!!

    Update more, N! It's been ages! You're a study dude, ain't you? But wait, doesn't summer end already? I've started my school at the end of last month --- around two or three weeks now. I'm taking Literature Study as well. They let us read this strange stories. Lolz... I wish I could read something about Mr. Dead Man (Shakespeare). Oh yeah, and his weird way of expressing love. Very romantic! *blushing*

    Happy Ben Day, dear!

  3. lolz.. where is that in the pic, Nat? Looking half romantic and half scary to me! haha.. Well, I went to three pagodas in a day and stayed home for the rest of the holidays. What a bore!

  4. Kel, that means I'll be reading a lot when I enter IFL? Gee, hope it's something interesting!

    Talking about William Shakespeare, I heard of his name but I have no idea about his legendary or way of expressing love. I just know the name. lol don't laugh!

  5. To Puput: Yes, I love literature too, but it needs a lot of good understanding beyond the words, so it's still hard. Thank you for dropping by, it's one of the reasons why I love writing. Lolz...nice day.

    Kelly, I thought I was the only one who falls into superstition. Well I've never heard any of these omen warnings until you told me, heheh... okay I'll try to update more, it's been light years since I post, but I'm not a study dude, I'm a hypocrite who acts like I am one.

    Oh, the school call it Summer course not becoz it starts in Summer time, it's just that we only have a three-month period like Summer and there's nothing to do with Summer since it's raining a lot during Pchum. Lol

  6. To Medelin: Half romantic? You must be a very romantic person to notice that! Yes, after you said it, I think it's sort of romantic too, sadly I'd never gotten a chance to toss some rice balls, but my mom went to the pagodas for me, so it's okay, right?

  7. Lolz... did I scar you out with those omen warnings? Prove it that you ain't a study dude - by posting more? Ha, gotcha!

    Yeah, I heard about that summer course at PUC. <<< Lolz...

  8. @Med, you'll know once you get in cos you can't get out! Lolz...

  9. Why do you always find my weak spot, K? Well, I can post more but it doesn't prove anything, coz I still perform at my own speed at school. You know you made me cringe when you bring the three letter PUC up, it's like you're saying " Hah hah hah, I know where you are, what you're doing, hah hah,", oh please, I want to stay in an anonymous place better.

  10. haha Nat, it looked kinda romantic to me.. yeah, I've never tossed any rice balls before but it's kinda scary to walk around there so early in the morning when it's still dark. lolzz..


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