Happy Independence Day!

The Independence Monument (Vimean Ekareach) was inaugurated in 1958 to celebrate Cambodia 's independence. The France had ruled Cambodia for almost a century and nearly converted the Khmer scripts into Roman letters, but fortunately our king Norodom Sihanouk, liberated us and brought freedom to our little nation. Now, he is known as the Father of Independence.
31th October was his royal birthday, but I was too busy to post anything about him, uh...his majesty. This is not a professional blog, so excuse my ordinary Khmer language, ah no...my English, I mean.
I've stolen two pictures from someone's else website. But it's because the pictures are so rare and interesting. One of them shows about the coronation of King Sihanouk at age 19. (How young and cute he was back then!). The black and white one was taken later during his reign, and he looked...well... mighty!
Tomorrow is the celebration of Independence Day, 9th November. May all the best things come to you.
Happy Independence Day!
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  1. Happy Independence day for Cambodia! :)

  2. love the dazzling light of the monument :) nice shot, princess!

  3. To Sari: My pleasure! Thank you, dear.

    To barbie: Oh, you're mistaken, I didn't shot this pic. It's from google te, lol...but I love it too.hehehe


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