Oh Happy Day!

Now, let's move on.
The past is in the past.
Last night, I watched an Indian TV with mom, because she doesn't want to hear nor see any more news about the victims of 22 Nov's stampede, she said it would make her cry again.
So I switched to Indian channel, because I know mom always has a thing with Indian people. She said she likes to see the way they live and how they dress and such and such. I told her it's because we're distant relatives or short of the decedents of white Indian-Aryans. She asked me how I know about that, I said "Your daughter is a History nerd."
Anyway, the funny part is that, after five minutes of watching Indian movie, I started to laugh, and mom asked, "What's so funny?" I said, "Mom, I've just realized that they speak in English!" and dad said, "I didn't know they speak in English, in fact I didn't even know what kind of language was that at first." It made me laugh even more.
Well, no offense, but as strange as it sounds, I really like people who speak English with Indian accent, British accent or even Russian accent. They make it sound like the art of language. I got an Irish professor for my European History class last term, and I had to spend three sessions to get used to his Irish English, because instead of saying -gun- he said - guuun- instead of saying -mud- he said - muuud- but after a while I fell in love with his accent even most of us didn't fall the same way, but in my opinion he's really cute, and I walked out of his class with a A :)
After all that happened, looking for the simple things to make life happy is really worth it.
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  1. Wow same here.....!!
    I love British accent too. It's beautiful and yes you're right they have art of language.
    I've never heard Indian accent, may be later I'll try to download one of Indian movies. :p

  2. Whoa! You're so early, I didn't even finish the post, hehehe, but thanks for coming.

    Yes it's beautiful, I like accents, somehow it makes me happy just to hear it in a different way that people speak.

  3. My mum is a big fan of Indian movies. Last couple years, i always spend time with my family in my mum and dad room watching Indian movies... Not because I love it, but to interpret for her. But now I hand over this job to my lil bro. lolzz My mum always use english word with my dad and us, which we laugh so hard because when we answer her, she doesn't know what it mean.

    So you mum speak english?? That's so cool.

    I do love British accent too, but not Indian. I found it's so funny and it's pretty hard to catch up with what they talk about. Irish?? I wonder how they sound.

    I wonder how they would think about our accent. I meant if we talk in our khmer way. I doubt that.

  4. Pan, she sounds just like my mum, yes she used to study English, way way before me. But now she forgot it, well the only language she could understand beside Khmer is Thai, but she won't speak, anyway when we come across some news from that country, I usually prefer to my mum's translation and we do the same thing in English for her.

    Oh, that's my favorite part about speaking English with Khmer accent, well, I cringe at myself when I slip into Khenlish too, but I don't have any particular accent to imitate either or so I think, and worse than that, I'm really bad at grammar and pronunciation, seriously.

  5. Hey! I love the Khmer English accent! Many Cambodians use the word "the" wrong, but I really like it - makes everything sound special. I also like Irish accents too! And French, and Russian and Scottish. Only American English is not too exciting.

  6. It's funny when you said that American English is not that exciting, but most of us find it so easy to catch up, even at school we prefer American profs than other English natives, and I feel the same way with Khmer English accent, sometime I hurt my own ears with that...Hehehe

  7. Yr mum is wonderful.

    I'm worse with pronunciation. Okay, I don't know, maybe I've never been to appropriate school, or maybe because i'm khmer? lolz... I tried record my sound when I speak English couple time and trust me, it's funny and it hurts a little. I wonder how you sound too! HAHAHA...

    Okay, how to get I love British accent, but I think somehow it's like they try hard to sound like this. LOL i dont know. Even though American English is not to exciting, but I feel freedom and laid-back.

    But everything hard is special right? Like, culture and tradition which are specail and valuable.

  8. P, you're being modest. I heard your accent, and it was cool, as cool as someone from Hollywood! Hhehee well I think the worst thing about Khmer accent is that, we tend to lose stress and sometime we speak too clear. But if compare to other nations, we're kind of lucky.

    I'm a little too aware of sound and language in general, maybe that's why I can't speak too well.

  9. Excuse me! Are you kidding me???? I'm pink with blush. Honestly, is my accent okay? Some ppl told me so, but I don't believe them, because I thought they're being polite. If that's so, I'm happy.

    You're aware of sound, and I'm aware of vocabulary. I don't pronounce it well. Mostly I choose to pronounce it in French way.

    My Dad is pretty much French mixed Khmer accent when speaking English.

    The Kh accent i find it funny, when ppl say, "Leader" as "Lea-dhherr"... My lil bro studies in some normal like I did, and he sound "Lea-dhher". This is the reason why I got a lot of absences at Eng School. I don't like Teachers like that. So I better stay outside of school. HEHE

  10. Wow, you're so picky in English, no wonder why you're so cool at it.

    Well, I'm sort of getting used to Khmer-english accent now, I even adopt it as my own sometimes, coz I don't want to repeat myself when I speak English to my friends, they just don't get it. *Rolling eyes*

    Anyway, I don't want to blame that on them, but at some point I feel like they have retarded my tongue!


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