Funny or Funny Not?

First let me ask you one honest question. How do you make people laugh?
In my Advance Public Speaking class last morning, our professor made us give an impromptu speech about our good and bad habits. And I groaned, dropping my bored face on the desk.
Because I'm so sure of my future that I'm not going to be a politician or anything. Well, I can do this public speaking thingy though. I've done that a zillionth times throughout my academic years, but an introvert person is still an introvert person.
And when it was my turn to stand up in front of the crowd and speak, it went something like this:
"... One of my good habits is reading, I like to read everything in sight, from books, newspapers, to internet websites, and even toilet graffiti." At that point everyone in my class laughed.
I paused and thought to myself, "Huh? Is that funny?" but just carried on with my speech anyway.
"...And my bad habit is forgetful. I tend to forget a lot of things, I often lose track of date, unable to remember people's names or faces, and even forget my own phone number." That set a new round of laughter again.
I was like, "Eh...well...Okay, I guess that's funny enough."
I don't think that I'm a hilarious person who can make just about everyone laugh, instead I used to think that I could bore people to death with my dull-looking existence, but sometimes—alright—quite most of the time, I find myself able to crack people up easily, even with strangers and friends alike.
And just a moment ago, I also made a librarian laugh—something about my library card, the scanner couldn't read the code until she tried several times more, and she told me my card is nearly expired, I said, "Oh, that's why it gives me an omen." She asked me, "What omen?" I said, "The scanner couldn't read the card, that's count as a bad omen for a library-goer." And she laughed, you know that she never even smiles at anyone for god's sake!
I guess when you make someone laugh, the pleasure is all yours.
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  1. I definitely think you are funny!

  2. Yeah you're funny and that's good.
    You know, make someone laugh is not easy thing, so you should be grateful for that. :)
    You're such a fun person. :D

  3. Bri: Thank you for answering my question. I'm just funny at times.

    Gizelle: You too, I believe.

    To Sari: Yes, I think so, it's a nice personality, but if I compare to my best friend, she's a real comedian! Thanks anyway.

  4. Hahaha not only your classmates. Count me in.

    And how about people who make you laugh? have one in mind?

  5. There are three people in my life that can make me really really laugh. My dad and mom and my best friend. My dad is a real camedian, and so is my mom, she has a lot of weird expression, and I can't help not to laugh at that. For my best friend she's so witty in general, but she can't stand my jokes too, so we kind of make each other laugh all the time.

    How about you?


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