New Year, New You!

Yay, Happy New Year, Happy New You!
What a cheesy saying, you might say.
But how many of you know the real meaning behind this phrase? Each and everyday, you and I are changing all the time, you are not the same person you were yesterday. Even when you're reading this post, you're different. Yes, biologically.
Do you know how many cells are in your body right now? More than 50 trillion cells!
And how many cells are in your brain? Do you ever wonder? It's 10 billions for human's sake!
Your cells are dying and replacing every single minute, and guess what? By the end of each year, your entire body is replaced with another trillions of brand new cells! So I can grantee that, tomorrow 2011, you will wake up to find another New You to live for another New Year!
Alright, enough for biology, I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone out there. For me, last year was mixed with both the best and the worst things, I have been through all. That's life.
I'm going to be 22 in just a matter of two months more. For my 21, I have gained more wisdom, think more logical, and become more open-minded, I've also discovered my passion- something I want to live for. During the year, I have started writing a book for myself, so that there's something to keep as a memory when I'm old.
I've studied hard, well not too hard, but just enough to raise my GPA until my University decided to grant me...something called scholarship, but I think it's too exaggerating, so let's just say tuition discount.
I have always been blessed with great friendships throughout my life. Everyone I know is really wonderful to me. Though love life has become an imaginary topic and seems too good to be true, I still believe in LOVE. At least now, I have a few amazing friends whom I enjoy being with and I also have the bestest best friend in the world. I'm so grateful for all these things.
Even sometimes I still feel like a loser, but I have raised myself above occasions. Now all I want to do is to finish my novel before another year end, get as many grade As as possible or try to enjoy my life along the way and most importantly I just want to be a NEW ME!
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  1. Happy New year to you too!!! aNd happy New You :) I hope I'll be a better New me tomorrow... and good luck with the book. I think you are going to be a great writer.. I do enjoy reading whatever you have to say. Its bright and delightful to read...
    Anyway, Happy New Year!!! :)

  2. Thank you DaNou, and Happy New Year to you too. Yes, You will be a newer and better person in least than 24 hours! Lol... Thank you for your support, dear!

  3. Happy New Year, Nat!!!! You always have great perspective toward life, that's very inspiring! Best wishes with your wonderful New You!

    P.S I'm sorry for my absentee, dear. One of my resolution has to be a chance to meet up with my bloggie friends! :D

  4. You better Kelly! Pannharath and I really want to meet you. We also talked about that when I met her.

    Happy New Year! And hope that you like your new you too. hehehe

  5. Except we're getting old. I don't know but I tend to have a second thought. I don't want to be old anymore.

  6. You're not old, Pan. We're just aging, some people age without getting old. Yes, you should want to be a new not an oldie... :)

  7. haha I don't want to aging like milk. I want to be like wine! lol

  8. What kind of expression is that? But I guess I understand the meaning. Nice!


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