There is the Start of Something Big.

Life is too short to read all great books. Now if you don't have any books to get lost in, I can recommend a few good-reads. Actually, good is an understatement, the books I'm going to share are the best, as in best-sellers, of course.
These books are from the cutest and loveliest Missy Panharath, who at one point in life managed to drop by my house and has generously leaned/given/returned these books to me. Marci beaucoup, mademoiselle!
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
: The book is about a nine year old child, Oskar Schell, who discovered a key to unlock the doors in the city and immediately encountered with the stories of the people behind those locked doors.
Shanghai Girls
: This book is about two Chinese sisters, Pearl and May, whose father marries them off to pay for his gambling debts. "I thought I was modern. I thought I had choice. I thought I was nothing like my mother," she anguishes. "I'm to be sold -- traded like so many girls before me -- to help my family. I feel so trapped and helpless that I can hardly breathe."
Snow Flower and the secret Fan: even if you're not Chinese, you should read this book. It's the story about one remote county, women developed their own secret code, nu shu – "women's writing" – the only gender-based written language to have been found in the world. Two girls were paired as "old-sames or Loatong" just like best friends, only this emotional matching is stronger that it lasted throughout their lives.
Tuesdays with Morrie
is one of the best books about a former student Mitch himself and his dying professor. This book teaches you all about life and how important it is to live it. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this book a 100! You never get enough life lessons, but with a professor who lived in between life and death, you might. READ IT!
For One More Day
by Mitch Albom is the story of a man who wants to take his life, but instead gets the chance to spend one more day with his mother, who died 8 years earlier. Upon meeting his mother, he discovers many things about her, but it almost seems to late.
There is the Start of Something Big. There is the Start of Something Big. Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Friday, January 21, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. did you also read Mitch Albom's books too?
    I do too. hehehe
    Yap he is a great writer and I love his books both "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "For one more day". I haven't read his other book. :p

    Well I like getting references about great books which are worth to read.:)

  2. Yes I read his books, they're all great stories and very inspiring, some parts even point out the mistake we're making or are going to make if we're not careful enough. I'm also planning to collect all his books too. :D

  3. Did you already finish all the books you mention? I'm too busy to read now but I love love love read and keep books... :D can I find it in local book store like IBC or sth...?

  4. You can find them in the used book store like Boston or D's books. But also in Monument, only it's too expensive. I get most of my books from the used books stores anyway. Boston Book company is best. Hope you enjoy these books I've mentioned.

  5. Yeah I can tell... I'll go check them out... but the used book doesnt have many of the same series... I think i'm gonna love them... :)

  6. Glad you love Tuesday with Morrie. I wondered how lucky and wonderful Mitch Albom ever had a teacher like Morrie and had a chance to write a book like this.

    I hope you will enjoy Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

  7. Thank you for the books, I love them all, I have finished Mitch's book and will look forward to reading Extremely loud and Close. This book is very interesting, and I'll pet it with care.

  8. hahaha tell me what u think of Tuesday with Morrie.

  9. Oh btw, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close drinks milk also...


  10. Oscar drinks milk too? That must be fun to read about him then. :)


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