Thursday's Child

Today the weather has been slightly heating up with the sun but even still I talked myself into doing my preliminary readings for one of my courses in Philosophy. I passed almost two and a half hours reading and listening to little snippets of passing conversation and the occasional onlookers.
So I read and they go about their lives. Now and then, our gazes meet and then we look away. And then I continue my reading and they continue on with their lives.
I poke myself with the question all philosophers normally ask, if I am exist what is the purpose of my life? I start to zero in on the time I was born.
Both of mom and dad couldn't even remember what day of the week I was born though, but this memory loss is highly expected, considering the twenty-two years of having nurturing me. But when I checked inside the electronic calender, going back through time but not space, I realized that I was born on Thursday.
Anyway, I have come across the English nursery rhyme for children birthday. That's how it goes:
Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child works hard for a living
Sunday's child is bonny and blithe and good and gay
Thursday's believed as the day for smart children to be born , or so Cambodians think, but my dad told me that the Khmer nursery rhyme has no account of prophecy for Thursday-born children, and when he recited it to me, I see for myself that it's true.
Why does our Khmer nursery rhyme has every single day of the week except Thursday? I don't know, maybe Thursday doesn't make a rhyme with the others, I guess, but I appreciate the English's one though.
At first, I wondered what 'Has far to go' really meant or whether it's just a rhyme, but as I grew more conscious about the purpose of my life. I knew that I'm not like anyone, and that I really have far to go. And just like everyone else, there's a different journey ahead of me. Now, I know exactly where I want to be.
So, what day of the week were you born and what does it say about you?
"Take what you need, do what you should and get what you want." ~unknown
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  1. high five!!!! I'm also Thursday child. -Wink-

    But i'm confused here "the nursery rhyme of Khmer folkloric has no account of prophecy for Thursday-born children"

    What does it mean exactly?? I don't fully get it.

  2. It means there's no rhyme for Thursday's child. Only Mon,Tue,Wed,Frid,Sat and Sunday, no Thursday. If you want to make sure about the Khmer nursery rhyme, ask one of your older member family, they might know. I can't remember it from my dad, so I only got the English one here.

    Some people believe there's a prophecy about our birth date, like what kind of a child who born in this day will be like when they grow up and stuff like that. But as you know it's just a folkloric or nursery rhyme. We're not sure whether it's true or not for a Saturday's child to work hard or a Friday's child to be loving and giving. You get what I mean Thursday girl?

  3. That's cool to read about this and I'm Friday!

  4. That's the best birthday, buddy!

  5. Marvelous !!! I'm a Thursday's child too ;)

  6. Oh really? Thursday child's always smart, so maybe we should be grateful about it, right?


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