Dog Days! All Done!

I guess no one by the definition of student, is not complaining about study in this planet. Even I'm the kind of person who loves education and all, but when it comes to examinations, forget it.
I had a nightmarish final in Philosophy last morning. And don't ask me how it went. The point is how you could stand that if the questions were something like: A). What does "Fear is the mother of morality" mean? B). Prove that education is bad for children. C). How can you know that the exam paper you're holding exists?
I was like, "Are you serious?"
That morning, I was feverishly racking my brain, using everything I have learned from the semester. In math, you follow the formula and get the right answer. But in Philo, there's no right or wrong answer, only the reasonable one.
Luckily, before the big time came, we formed a study club and we had singled someone out to explain everything we had learned in class, but unfortunately that person was me (based on the reason that I understood stuff while the others didn't). Then it kinda became a popular club because many students from various classes kept showing up, about 30-40 of them in total, so we booked a bigger classroom, and I felt like I was doing a small seminar or something.
But the ridiculous part was that some of my classmates even teased me by calling me 'Professor' and that wasn't all, my friends also nicknamed me, the next Nietzsche [pronounce Nit-Chee] a German philosopher, which I found it very insulting, because if you happen to know that the real Nietzsche spent the last 9 years of his life being crazy, you would feel insulted, too. Anyway, I did appreciate that everyone put their trust on me, so I was honored to be able to help as best as I could.
Alright, been there, done that, nothing comes in a complete package, so let's just keep my finger crossed. Besides all my classes have ended, I'm going to dive right through my favorite things. Writing and reading, plus a bunch of good movies! Well, this is my sweet revenge for all the time I've lost to schoolwork. Yay!
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  1. Enjoy your break. Where can I find your novel, btw :))

  2. Thank you for the visit, I'm still working on it, but not finish yet, just a draft. :)

  3. When do you expect it to be done? Cant wait to read it. :)

  4. I have a long long way to go with my book, I mean, the book is just a part-time hobby, it's not like I'm a pro-writer or anything, so I don't expect so much from that, but I hope I get it done before 2012. :D But even if I finish it, then what? You wanna read?


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