Myths in My Everyday Life.

One of my friends is having a heart problem with her romance department. She has a huge crush on this gorgeous guy who doesn't even know she exists. Sadly for the average-looking girls like us, a chance to have a hot guy falling in love with is unsurprisingly low.
I feel sympathetic for her and tried to convince her (without actually telling her the truth) that she deserves someone who is better and who will love her back, and she said "But I want only him!" and I said, "Gosh! You're just like Echo!" she looked at me blankly and asked, "I'm like what?" So I told her a story (Yeah, I'm old-fashion like that). It's a Greek myth about Narcissus and Echo.
If you want to know how the story ends, here's how the story goes:
"Once upon a time, there was a talkative wood nymph named Echo. She had the most enchanting voice that anyone who heard her would be captivated by her voice. But she had a bad habit of using her gift way too much. She loved to talk from morning until night. One day, Zeus, the king of gods, who lived atop Mount Olympus came down to visit some beautiful nymphs in Echo's woodland. His wife, Hera, the queen of gods, was after her husband but she met Echo and was captivated by her beautiful voice. Hera forgot herself for a moment, allowing Zeus to escape back to Olympus. Hera got angry and punished Echo.
"From now on, you will speak after someone else does and only repeat the last words," Hera cursed Echo. The poor chatter-box nymph lost her freedom of speech ever since.
The next day, there was a young man by the name Narcissus. He was so beautiful that everytime he walked into the public, every mortal woman and nymph fell madly in love with him. His presence was so dazzling that some of them even faint (Can you imagine that?). This attention made Narcissus quite vain, and he determined to keep his heart to himself until he found someone who was as attractive as he.
One day, Narcissus visited Echo's woodland and got lost. Echo found him and was so full of love, she couldn't verbalize until Narcissus spoke first. Unfortunately, her beautiful voice could only repeat the last word of Narcissus. She couldn't find a way to express her love for him, and with sadness and love, she threw herself at Narcissus. Being vain and selfish, he ordered her to go away. Echo was rejected and brokenhearted, she cried until she died of grief, her voice went into the caves and some became part of the wild. Narcissus did not escape the curse himself. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, punished him for rejecting the love of Echo.
Another day, when Narcissus walked to the river, he looked into the clear surface of the water and saw the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. He did not know that it was his own reflection! And he fell in love with himself immediately. He moaned with lovesick and said,“Stay, I entreat you, river nymph! Let me at least gaze upon you, if I may not touch ." Narcissus waited by the river until he, too, died. Then his essence became the flowers along river banks until now." End of the story.
And guess what? After I finished telling my friend this story, I was hoping she would feel better, instead she cried, saying I shouldn't have told her this sad story, it broke her heart into pieces. I thought to myself, "Allah...She's fallen into the same curse." I think the tragedy of Narcissus and Echo is like today, we all embrace many illusions of beauty and love. The curse of unrequited love, is our own curse, too.
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  1. That's sad. To me, Beauty from the inside is where the happiness lasts. Poor Echo, she shouldn't fall for such a selfish creature like Narcissus. I hope your friend is different, she might have other reasons beyond his beauty.

    You're right, she deserves better than that. She doesn't belong to anyone who has no interest for her.

  2. I'm trying to make my lovesick friend feel better, but you know sometimes human emotions are hard to control. Anyway, I'm glad that there are people like you who understand the real beauty. It's within each of us. I guess the only word that can describe true beauty is Acceptance.

  3. Thanks for telling me the story! hahaha yeah it's our own curse. :p

  4. Bingo, I got rid of the curse long time ago m free like a bird :D

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  7. @Sari: You're welcome, in fact I know a lot of myths. hehehe

    @Nielly: Are you sure you get rid of that kind of curse? Really? Any tips?

  8. I love Greek. Esp, from the moment i read a book that tell the different between Greek & Chinese which where Western & Asia comes from. And now I love this story a lot.

    Thumb up for your posting.

  9. What kind of story is it bw Greek & Chinese? I love Greek myths too. They're very fascinating. Nice to know you like how many Narcissuses you have seen and in love with? Lol!

  10. M so sure. but i don't have any tips because it's different according to each individual.

  11. Yes, it works for you though. Some people just know how to heal themselves...

  12. Oh it's about psychology. I read a book by Richard E. Nisbett, The Geography of Thought: How Asian and Westerners Think Differently ... and Why. It’s explained profoundly why "Asians" and "Westerners" have fundamentally different thought processes, the social origins of mind… by providing an analysis of the ecological and economic differences between Greece and China that he examines and believes that the foundations of both Western and Eastern thought that laid down by the ancient Greeks and Chinese over 2500 years ago. Like, from Greeks, comes the idea of unique individuals and distinctive attributes and individual goals and from the Chinese, comes the idea of harmony and the notion that individuals are primarily members of a group.

    Just that.

    And, one to be counted, I used to have a crush on a gay Narcissuses. Remember?

  13. Hahaha...oh yes, I remember your crush was a gay, but saying a gay Narcissus makes it more interesting.

    You read psychology. I should have known that. I like psychology, too. I just want to understand more about humans, but I guess I like a different type of psychology, I'm not that into human behaviors, I'm interested about how the human mind works and stuff.


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