Want some Achooos?

Have you ever come across a cup of coffee, say, latté or cappuccino that is so tempting and so aromatic that it makes your heart ache? I have. Many times.
But there's a catch. I'm allergic to caffeine. As I have said times and times again in this blog. I know I sound like a complete outcast, because everyone loves coffee! But for me, it is one of my worst pet peeves.
I remember telling my best friend that every time I drink coffee, no matter what kind, I would sneeze my teeth out and get running nose or worse— sore throat. She said I have a weird symptom, which is more like a flower allergy or something. Don't ask me why, I don't invent that kind of allergy either.
I have a bunch of friends who are real caffeine addicts. When I told them I have some discount coupons from some coffee shops, which I use as bookmarks. They said I wasn't being smart at all. They accused me of wasting the good stuff. So after school was over, they dragged me to one of the fancy coffee shops nearby. Looking around the place, I thought to myself that I wasn't just allergic to coffee but also allergic to the luxurious café!
My friends ordered some creamy beverages like the one in the picture, but I ate muffins and drank fresh milk instead. Then they started urging me to drink something in their cups, and just for the heck of it, I did, coz it also looked really dang appetizing. I guess I would rather be like those people with reversed reactions to caffeine. They catch some Zzzz after drinking it, but after we left, all of my friends had their happy bellies whereas I caught a lot of Achoos along the way.
Note to self: Never ever drink coffee again!
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  1. yeah coffee is aromatic. I like it but I am not coffee addict. :p Well...milk, juice, mineral water is better though. :)

  2. Well, it seems like that I've got new friend! I dislike of coffee's smell, have no idea why. I just don't like its smell. Then, I used to get dizzy after drinking one. Even the lightest one, like frapuccino or cappucino with a lot of milk. Too bad, I always envy when people around me, hang out and drink coffee for a lifestyle sake. They look cool! And me? Thanks for tea inventor, I'd rather have some tea than coffee. :D

  3. @Sari: Thank for giving me a variety of choice :) Maybe I should satisfy myself with something more drinkable than coffee..hehehe

  4. @Dela: High five! I agree that coffee is a symbol of socialization...sometimes even indicates your working behavior.

    I also used to think of those who drink coffee are cool too, but after I tried drinking some and ended up being so miserable, I guess I would rather drink milk or juice instead.

  5. aww... its alright. well the coffee smell itself is already a treat!

  6. @ fashion: Don't you think that the smell itself is just a tempting part of drinking coffee?

  7. LOL... That's pretty weird and funny. I haven't met anyone who is allergic to coffee smell yet, but now I found you.

    Guess what? I don't drink coffee too, not because of the smell but I'm getting dizzy, sleepy and could barely do any quality thing after all.

    I'm a tea lover but I like the smell of coffee. Normally, whenever I go to those Western style Café I always treat myself tea, choco frappe, smoothie (-sauf any kind of coffee drinks) with the beautiful smell of coffee.. I'm just in love with it.

  8. Haha, what a fancy choice. Tea is caffeine too. I like the treats in those Western Café, but not the coffee. Oh, I'm not allergic the smell, just the coffee itself, and I don't get dizzy or sleepy either, so yeah, that's quite weird for anyone as well as for me. Lol...


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