I have never used any curse word that is as satisfying as this one. For those who understand Khmer, I hope you don't mispronounce it. Chkair literally means "Dog" and we just put an "Ah" to emphasize the cursing tone. Besides I love dogs and don't develop a good potty-mouth to curse like a sailor, so Ah-Chkair is the only word I can think of. Normally, it's what I use to call my best friend, because she always gives me some smart*ss comments. Here are some mocking stuff she said to me:
One evening, when I was at her house doing some writing and chattering, I got close to my snack time and started to feel hungry
"Do you have something salty-salty to eat?" I asked her.
"Yeah, I have a jar of salt in the kitchen," she replied.
"Ah-chkair!" I said.
One morning, we went to have breakfast together at a place near my school. After we finished our breakfast, I noticed there was only vegetable left on her plate.
"Why don't you eat some vegetable? Look, you ate only meat!" I scolded her.
"And why don't you eat some meat? Look, you ate only vegetable," she retorted, pointing at my own plate.
"I'm working on becoming a vegetarian, you know," I told her.
"I'm also working on becoming a meaterian," she said. I couldn't help not to burst out laughing at that.
"Well then, I'll just be a part-time vegetarian," I told her again.
"Okay, I'll be a full-time meaterian," she said.
And another time quite long ago, when we decided to go swimming together with my beautiful friend Snow White, who also brought her beautiful teenage sister along. The four of us walked pass the swimming pool where there were guys swimming in. Snow White and her sister walked ahead of us. They both wore super-short pants that I had to nudge my best friend to notice that every guy was poking their heads over the edge of the pool just to check out Snow White and her sister.
"Look at that! All the guys are staring at our friends' white legs!" I whispered to my best friend in amusement.
"Don't worry," my best friend said. "They will turn away when they see ours."
I laughed so hard and smacked her arm, "Ah-chkair!"
Still, at the end of the day, j'aime ma meilleure amie!
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  1. Hahaha... I love it when my best friends don't mind my words and actions because they know what's deep inside my heart.

    For me, I can't think of any curse words beside "ah lop" and "ah chkout".

  2. Lol... I said a ton of 'ah lop' and 'ah chkout' too, but 'ah chkair' is my favorite. I thought you didn't know how to curse.

  3. Indeed I know! Well, let put it this way "Who doesn't?" ;)

    Btw, what made you think I didn't?

  4. You made me think like that, how could I know? lol...jkd. Well,it's like you think of a rose and then forgot to think of its thorns, just like that.

  5. LOL.. I'm glad you could only see the beautiful side of me :P

  6. Hahaha Ah-chkair sounds better than doggie in english, right???

    Thumb up to your bestie, Meta. lolz

  7. @Sokuna: that's a typical thing to do, coz you're that way, right?

    @Panharath: You give thumb up to Meta, how about me? That's not fair!

  8. You must have known that the thumb would go down for you! hahahahaha jkd.

  9. Ekk...Thumb down for me? Okay, Jaagn chea preah, chnai chea mea...

  10. I feel like i used to heard that word once or twice from u hahaha...

  11. What word? I said it pi kal?


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