Book happens...

Guess whose book is this?
Yes, that's mine. The top one.
No, I don't just own it, I wrote it!
Well, you know, to get a book like this into shape, I just went to the printing house and asked them to make a book copy for me. I did a little design on the cover, I found the image from Google which wasn't originally good-looking, but it was a free-download. And with a simple photo-retouch, you can get a real stuff. Well, the whole printing process cost me as much as an original paperback (not hardcover) that I got from oversea. (Yes, I'm self-published, too, which sounds as crazy as it feels).
But who cares? Anyway, I still have mixed emotions about it, my book, that is. I felt both guilty and pleasure, or you can say guilty pleasure. After I've babbled out about my writing in this blog for ages, I've found that I'm bit chickened out to give somebody else to read. I've only given two people to read my story, one of them didn't even like it, and the other maybe hasn't opened it yet.
But there are other blog friends who come to comment in my last post about wanting to read my book. I do appreciate their interest, but I have to say sorry from the bottom of my heart. For one thing, my story is like a junkyard stuff. For another, even if it's a junk, it's not supposed to be out in public (it's a golden rule for any wannabe writer), except for really exceptional case.
I have to say sorry again, you can hate me for that. In fact, I haven't given any of my closed friends at school to read it, too. Neilly actually came up to me and asked what she had to do in order to deserve my book? But I couldn't seem to say "Okay" yet. Really, my honest apology for this matter.
Anyway, I still have a little something from the book to share. I guess just by looking at the cover, you can judge what kind of genre I've written about. Here's how it goes:
"Vivain is about to turn seventeen, then just when she thinks her life as an ordinary genius in the Ultara Academy is normal, something happens. The presence of a beautiful, yet mysterious boy comes into her school. Then she begins to suffer from a strange evolution, something called Awakening. That is the least of her trouble, until she’s found out that she isn't exactly human and then starts to realize the whole world is not what it seems, there are other predatory creatures living among humans— and worse, they want to destroy her."
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  1. Hey, since u still keep ur refused position strong,i won't bother anymore. But i need a lesson from you in novel writing. What do u think? ;)

  2. I was about to tell you that you could come and pick up the book, but now I guess you're just lost it yourself, hahaha.

    Great, you can ask me anything about writing, I'm all for that!

  3. ok m going to pick up the book tomorrow hahahaha...

  4. Too late, what it's said, it can't be unsaid. hahaha

  5. Really? I can't have a copy? But anyway, it's really great achievement. You should be very proud!

  6. @Dela: Don't be upset about it, I'm sure you can read a better written book than mine, y'know the published ones. But yes, I do proud of it, becoz I never thought I could write a book before.

  7. Hehehehe... don't hurt me by saying the true fact about me not opening it yet!!! kmas kmoach nas! I just bought many more books and joined the other new ones in a pile on my booksheft and I got a very thick khmer book from a wonderful person too. So after treatment, I'm gonna open yours and read soon. It marks as "Prio". Aii I find myself trying to explain my excuses now. hahaha

    I know you are proud of what you've done. And You MUST BE. In case you're still not confident of giving it away, how about selling it away? haha kidding! To me, its made of, no, its written from those strains, intelligence, tiedness and zombie eyes of yours. its worth!

    Miss you guys! lets go out again somedays. I'm free jreun meant mun hay.

  8. I agree with P. that you MUST BE proud of yourself for this. I like the book, I really do and I enjoy reading it so much. By a very first glance on the cover, I thought it might be about sth scary but it's not. I read at night, and my hubby was wondering if I read a joke or sth because I burst out laughing along the way.

    I'm just free from my master degree classes this Friday. More time to read so I will be finished your book in a few more nights. Half way now! :D

  9. @Kunna: Ah, I'm so overjoyed to hear that I could write that funny. I thought I was just making a cheesy jokes and all. Well, I don't know whether the story is too much to bear or too silly to continue for you now. But hope you forgive me as an inexperienced writer. Heard that you have a feedback paper eh? Can't wait!

  10. @P: I kind of know your tendency after all these years. It's not a surprise to me. Lol...

    Yes yes, I'm proud, it's the greatest and stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.

    Hahaha, it's crazy to give someone to read, let alone sell. Forget it, I just write for fun and hopefully make you throw up with that. Lol...

    Wish the treatment goes well though, or you might never read my book at all...

  11. Hah!!! Kmas ke nas!!! But know jeng kor laor der!!! Nhom min bach khom leak! Pibak nas!

    I'll see if I'm gonna throw up with that! If I am, i'll grant you a wish!

    Hah!!! You should wish like this, you know.

  12. Lol...Alladin only has to rub the kettle, but what kind of wish is this that needs to throw up to grant me, hah genie?

  13. Granting wish in this angry bird generation you know! LOL

  14. Angry bird generation? So you talk fluent bird?


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