What a Ducky Day!

Time: 2 o'clock, afternoon.
Place: Sentiment Café, (not Romatic café, P).
People: All bloggie friends.
That Saturday afternoon, I got picked up by a long-time-no-see friend, Panharath, and we drove to meet with our never-seen-before friend Kelly. While we were driving along the road, I gave P my very first book I had just self-published (one copy to be exact). I can't guess how much P liked the cover (she checked it out even while driving), but I can imagine how much she hates the story by now. Lol!
At the mall, we found Kelly who was lost trying to find the Romantic cafe which didn't even exist. Kelly was quite shy at first, but she became more comfortable with us after we all settled in the Sentiment café and started to talk non-stop. I noticed Kelly on the net was a little different from Kelly in real life, because on the net, she’s a real mocker, but in real life, she seemed as gentile as a princess. I love it when I said something silly, and Kelly would crack up, I'm glad I wasn't a bore for her.
Well, most of the time I enjoyed teasing P about her mental health, and I also remember a funny part from Kelly, when I told them that I might like to write a modern story based on our traditional myths, Kelly gave me an idea that I should write the part when a Devi (goddess) tries to buy an iphone. I laugh about it till now.
For hours, we were chattering endlessly, because P always had something interesting to say. I learned a lot just by listening to her. I couldn't believe we talked for four hours straight, and none of us ran out of batteries. We even talked about the end of the world, and listening to what P had told us gave me nightmare, seriously. P was so hilarious. The mischievous and fun-loving part of her are her real attractions, besides she knows a lot about real life that I suppose next time if I had a project concerning about 'Single Ladies', she would be the first I want to interview. Lol!
When we decided to go home, it was already dark, and P gave me a ride back. On the flickering street, I felt like we were on an autopilot car, I didn't know how P did it, but we both were talking and laughing all the way to my house. P might have had some sort of radar detection in her head, I guess. She also gave me some cute souvenirs, it was a couple of ceramic figures which my mom adored so much she decided to display them on the living room. Hehe...
Yep, what a DUCKY day!
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  1. Sounds like fun!! Girls always have millions to talk about and laugh at :D

  2. Yes, all girls are fun to be with, coz we're the sweetest creatures that ever lived. Lol...

  3. Eeee writter really has a knack for stirring such beatiful things! How did you produce such talent?

    Hey u looooove, looooove and love this post, just like the other one! I saved them and pasted what you wrote about in my book-the book of appreciation for the person of my life. hehehe which is why I don't bother yo give comment hete, but no I changed my mind.

  4. Very well describing! :D and you girls are funny.. LOL

  5. @Kunna: Mmm...I notice that you always appreciate people and the simple things, it does me good just to hear ur positive view of it all. *wink*

  6. @P: Eeee reader, you don't need talent to write, you just need commitment. Ke post yu heuy terb trong yearng mok arnt huh?

    A book of appreciation? Wow, I feel like I'm being put in the Guinness Book or sth. Lol... Thank you for bothering to change your mind :D

  7. HAHAHAHAHA Eeee writer, if you have no talent and commitment, no book published here and there.

  8. Saa-toup....som oy ban doch mout josh....lol!


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