Out of Time, Out of Crime

I know, I know.
I hadn't posted a word since Khmer-Halloween, I mean, Pchum Ben Day!
But in case you wonder, I'm not dead or shoved into the Yama Raja Land (a polite term for hell) yet. I did help Mom cooking her famous recipe...chicken curry! And some other dedicating foods for the pagodas. The Pchum Ben festival is a feast time for the souls of the dead ancestors, even as a Buddhist country, Pchum Ben is still a must-do in our society. I guess, we're heavily in dept to both Buddhism and Hinduism. Mmm...kinda old-aged religion we've got here.

I felt like I hadn't seen the sun for years! I was stuck in my house, locked in my dark cold room, and occasionally roaming the house like a Frankenstein, but it's not that I'm an agoraphobic person who's afraid to get out of the house. It was because of the weather. It rained for nights and days and even flooded some parts of the country. It had threatened the temples in Siem Reap, too. I couldn't help being worried, but how could you not be paranoid? The last time I had a nightmare, I dreamed about the apocalyptic dream, that the world would end in flood. I pray that our Buddhist prophecy will not come true for another two thousands years or more, so that we can live our short, nasty, karmic life longer.

And guess what I was doing the during the holiday? I did homework! 
Well, it was for my Creative Writing course. I wrote a short fiction about a man who's trapped on a deserted island (kinda felt related at that time). I also finished reading Kafka on the Shore, it's a Japanese story given by Panharath. Geez, that book!
And another boring thing about me is I've been writing some cheesy drafts for my second novel. Yes, I'm so doing it and keep doing it! I have chosen the title for the second book already, and I figure that it doesn't hurt just to tell you the title now. So, my next book title will be...*Drum roll, please*...The Daughter of Indra

Well, after I finished my first novel, which is titled The Half-Blood (my forever-unpublished first book), the v-word kind of gives me a nausea. I don't know whether it's a common reaction when you've written something mediocre or melodramatic, but now, I've decided to take a break from writing about the undead-slash-the-bloodsuckers-slash-half-humans thingy and turn to write something that related to my culture. And just a sneak peek of my second project, I'm going to write a story about the devadas, plus a troop of monsters! Has has has... yeah, right, I'm messing with our ancient gods now.

Enough of the babbling, I hope I can get everything I've planned done before my graduation day. Now or never! Besides, there's a big scary monster, aka "Reality", out there waiting to swallow me, and it's  somewhere around the corner now. Well, that's all for my report, I might not have any free time to write as often as I used to. Alright, scratch that. I don't have time to write any boring stuff of my boring life as I used to, but I'll try to keep my sh*t on track. 

Peace :D
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  1. hehehehe I enjoy reading this post a lot.

    Haha can't wait to know what you think about Kafka On The Shore!

    The Daughter of Indra, yeah??? Sound like you addicted to writing the book, little author!

  2. I just wanted to ask you why you gave me 'Kafka on the Shore' to read. I remembered you liked the book so much you even quoted some part of it into the blog.

    Honestly, I just wanted to scream "Why did P give me this boooook!!!" Lol...

    Strangely, I found myself unable to stop reading it. I like the writing style of the author, but it's not exactly what I thought it was. It's a weird story, a little too extreme at times, but overall, it's a good read, except it's not for everyone.

    haha, yep, I'm a writer by definition. It doesn't matter about publishing. It's not to brag or anything, it's just a passion that a lot people don't have, so I try to improve mine, it's fun to write a story, you won't understand it until you do it. Hehhehe...

  3. HAHAHA If you like it too, you must understand WHY I want you to read it!!!

    Haruki Murakami is really a best author! I still have 4 others of him! hehehehe and what you described was right. Weird. Extreme. and not for everyone.

    Don't try to get me into writing.

    I'm gonna write one my own with my special one. :P

  4. Please, I don't particularly like the story, I just like the way the writer wrote, his style is simple but a lot of powerful proses and also philosophical.

    Well, I don't find the whole story interesting, but the writing is engaging enough to keep me reading, that's why. And OMG, you must love any book by this author. I guess, I'm just not that into extreme stuff like you. heheheh

    *Eye rolling* writing with a special one? I never heard such a lame excuse before. hahaha


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