Me wrote Poems!?!

You don't want to read this post if:

A. You're not in the mood.
B. You hate poetry.
C. You think I'm crazy about writing. Again.

Because I'm writing poems!!!
Me and poetry!!! Can you imagine that?!!
Okay, now I got over my surprise. I mean, I'd never been that into poetry since  the time I knew how to read! But now as I'm attending Creative Writing in my college, my professor, who is a poet himself, always asks us to write poems non-stop!  We would sit in circle and write. Then we would share our work to the class. Sometime we were forced to squeeze a poem out of our heads in five minutes flat!  Well, it's kind of a torture, but at the end of the day, we've got our arts to show off :D

First off, we learned about Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry, quite famous now. There are many forms of poetry we learned like Pantoun (Malaysian), Gazel (Persian), but Haiku is short and makes no sense. You only have to write three lines. No need to be rhymed. Haiku is mostly about the nature, not people. But it's almost always a metaphor of our life.

When you first read it, it seems like what someone's talking for the sake of talking, but then the poem itself will bring us a sense of epiphany, something that makes you feel, "Ah-ha!". That's why I love Haiku so much. Here are some of my all-time favorite Japanese Haiku poems by Basho and Buson (sorry, I forgot which poem belongs to which poet, but just enjoy it anyway):

"Winter downpour-
even the monkey
needs a raincoat,"

"One fell,
Two fell,

(PS: Camellia is a flower)

My Haiku

"Wait in the dark,
Cold wind blows,
Home is a dream,"

"The lantern shone,
Dying stars,
Ever changing moon,"

Then we have Modern poetry, which is what most poets write today. It's a free style form. Sometime we don't need to make it rhyme, just write what's inside your heart, but you have to write with powerful emotion or it's just plain boring.

My Moderm Poem:
The Orange

"The sun shone on my head, burning my skin
I remembered the smell of oranges in the farm
I felt the panic sweats of my comrades
who came in to steal the fruit

I saw one orange that was about to rip
but strangely it seemed to me
I was not ready to pick.
I walked and seeked the others
My comrade came and took the one I left,
snapping the wire of a bomb to explode.
A life for an orange, 
That's how we paid for our food."

I wrote this poem about my mom during the worst time of our history. Just like my teacher said, "Poetry is about our emotions." Sometime, we just don't know what to say, but by expressing our feeling in a poem, we might eventually find some comfort.
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  1. It's a beautiful poem you got out there :) Thz for sharing. I agree, writing poem is another great way to release everything inside. It's another way to send powerful messages too :)

  2. It seems like you might also write some poem of your own eh? Thank you, I don't know whether is beautiful or not, but it's a good way to unburden our emotion indeed :)

  3. Yeh I did write a few, just to play with words :) My pleasure to read your poem, you have a good narrative skills.

  4. Aw! Thank you! I'm honored to hear that! But I guess I don't want to be a poet, I just like writing in general :D

    Will you share some of you poems too?

  5. You already are a great writer, why not a great poet too? ;D I mean you never know...
    My poems? lol I already shared 4 of them so far (on my site). But those are just too random, just threw everything out in words (words are not even rhyme sometimes) ;D similar to Haiku! lol

  6. WTH? Writer and now poet??? Tha yeay yeay men!

    Pourk yearng tearng pi
    kour tear ousa
    mel prei preksa
    neng terng komnab
    nov veal tomneab
    aer neav jerng mekh
    dek ptol nov dei
    somleung popork
    bork tov bork mok
    min deng tes dao
    Ter sros joranai
    neang yol yang na?

    hahaha how do you think my crazy khmer way of poem? :P

  7. @Prathna: Oh yeah, until you said that I remember your poems now. Wow, so I'm not alone here lol. Yeah, I love Haiku, it's funny and contains a lot of meaning if you try to figure it out, and maybe you should write some when you're bored like me. hehehe

    @Mak Yeay: Poem neng you composed since kindergarten men? It's the funniest poem I've heard! Wow, you should post it in FB, for Khmer poem, I guess, you're one crazy poet. Hey, why not write some to you-know-who? hehehe

  8. hello my old blogger friend
    long time no see eh?'
    I remember we met each other when I'm about starting blogging.
    how are you?
    your poems is cool. Its simple tells about an orange. but you can describe it beautifully.
    I myself can't make a poem in english, hard to choose words. but you made it perfectly.

  9. Hi Yulia:

    I never forget you, you're a great blogger. Thank for liking my cheesy poems, I just wrote them for fun. I'm glad we're still blogging so that we can share our lives together.

    Peace :D


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