The Glory of Rama

I have finished this painting weeks ago with an acrylic paper, watercolors and crayons. 
And now, I'm free to post it after finals were over. That might explain my absence in writing. I had borrowed a few books about arts and painting from the library. They have good instructions of how to draw and then I decided to put the theory into practice. My weakness is drawing people, but I'm glad that once I drew them, I made them look quite decent, or at least to me. Hopefully, my painting of Ramayana  doesn't hurt your eyes.

When I showed this painting to one of my friends, she said, "I'm sure it's not your work."
I said, "What makes you think it's not mine?"
"You don't look like the type who paints," she said to me. "And if you do, it might only about crazy stuff. Not like this."
I smirked at her and said, "Thank pal, you know me."

Alright now, I just want to show you about the Khmer Classical Dance, which I'm so passionate about. If you have never seen the dance before, you should make a point to watch it once in your lifetime, whether in the theater or on YouTube. It is not just our dance alone. It's one of the world heritages, which means it's your property too. The dance dated for over a thousand years. Now, it's become the Royal Cambodian Ballet and is being taught at the Université de Beaux-arts (School of Fine Art). Even if you're not Cambodian, you can understand by the universal language of the dance, and you just know the moment it moves your heart.

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  1. Oooooh myyyyyyy goooooooooodnesssss! You're so TALENTED! You should draw the cover of your next book, seriously. You will do well and unique.

    Btw, is this November your month of painting or what?

  2. Hahahahahaha...there's no need to scream! I thought this painting is first I didn't want to post it, coz it looks a bit messy. But I'm so glad you see this picture favorable. Oh, paint for my upcoming book? Now you're talking! Maybe I'll give it a try... but don't get your hope up, I'm not good at drawing people, you know?

    Whaaa? November is my painting month? Hahahaha...I can't help laughing. How could you come up with many funny ideas?

  3. Hahaha.. Because you are so good, you know.

    You don't have to draw people, you know. It's your book, you can draw anything you want. Dig into your creativity.

    It's you who make me come up with that idea. Look at your only 2 November posts, and both are about painting. :D

  4. I will try, maybe for you, but I don't make any promises. Anyway what book did you refer too? Right now I'm still writing my new one, which has only 4 chapters so far. I guess I'll pick a scene from it to paint. Thank for your charming idea!

    Yes, maybe November is a creative month for me. But I hope December doesn't turn out to be my dumb month instead. Lolzzz!!

  5. Loy haaaaaaaaaahhhhh come here, let me give you a kiss!

  6. Oy tov ort rouch te, klach break computer screen...Lolzz!! But thank for the invitation! hahaha

  7. Cool, i am so impressed with your expression. Great people don't impress, they express. You on the right path. Keep it on.

  8. Thank you! I didn't know I could express this well. I just wanted to spend some quality time to keep my artistic part of me alive :D

  9. How about both books? The daughter of Indra and The HB2.

  10. What?!!You've got to be kidding me!!!

    I'm not an artist, Kunna! How could I possibly do all that? I've been thinking about the sketches in my head, but oh boy! It's not as easy as we imagine. The daughter of Indra has many difficult scenes, I hardly even put them into words, let alone paint! And the HB2, when you mention it, I just want to cry. I've been striving to write but couldn't be able to keep up yet.

    But I feel so so honored to hear your words. It's like someone actually believe in my unlikely talent both writing and painting. I hope I don't disappoint you. But I couldn't thank you enough for being supportive to me. I'll try my best! :D


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