FoR LoVely SaRa

This is Sara, my visiting professor from Chicago. She came to teach us about comic arts last month. And before our comic course ended, we had ventured to the countryside together. So I got a chance to take all these pictures of her and what I had seen during the trip. And I have some snippets of my silly conversations with her as a bonus featuring, too :D

The trip was to the province about an hour from Phnom Penh. And we stopped at a friend's house. Sara and I saw the neighbor's chickens roaming around freely. Then I noticed my young prof kept staring at the chickens, as if she had never seen them before. She was like that until I actually asked her:
"You have never seen chickens before?"
Sara chuckled, "No, it's just that Cambodian chickens seem to run faster than American chickens."
I laughed.

We tried to teach her some Khmer words that mean "eat". There are about eight or so words in Khmer just for eating. And I kept laughing so much when she told me she had eaten leaf-wrapped cake, "Nom Bot" without unwrapped it first.
I asked, "How did it taste?"
"It was bitter!" She said, "But if no one had told me to stop, I would've kept eating it like that."
I was like, "Whahahaha!"

Another time, we were having lunch together. Sara, being the only American in the table, kept saying the same words, "Good! Yum!" We were a little worried for her stomach's well-being. But then Sara asked me about a can of foreign beverage (Yoe's).
She said something like this:
"What is Grass Jelly?" She eyed the tin can curiously. I told her it was a drink.
"I know," she said. "But what does Grass Jelly taste like?"
I didn't know what to tell her, coz Cambodia has no grass jelly, too. So I just said.
"It tastes like Grass Jelly."
I didn't mean to be funny or anything. I always talk like that to my Cambodian friends, but my prof actually laughed so hard about it. I guess somehow, Cambodians have a weird sense of humor.

 They tried to be a barbaric sugarcane-eater!

 They sketched a sleepy lady after lunch.

Btw, Sara has a cool American sense of humor of her own, too. I remember while I was snapping pictures of her sketch book, I teased her. 
"You know, I could take pictures faster than you draw," I said.
Sara simply replied, "That's why people invented cameras."
And I laughed like an idiot.

During the house visit, we had a funeral (100th day) ceremony of a friend's father. (They even had music speakers (Thung Bass) for the night dance. Sometimes, I just don't get it). As they were Chinese related, they had to burn some money papers and a cute house paper. I asked if Sara wanted to see that. And she did, so we joined them outside.
It was hot. But the process took a long time, because the people kept talking about the lighter, the thread, the shoes, and whatnot.
I whispered to Sara, "They really have a lot of discussions."
And she whispered back, "Because diplomacy is very important."
I laughed.

They looked like a painting themselves

 They were nerdtacular together. Lolzz!!

And then we had also visited the National Zoo. Believe it or not, it is the first time I've been to the ZOO! But I was a little disappointed about the trip, because I hadn't seen most of the animals yet. 
The paradox of it all is that I felt a bit depressed while I was there. I don't know. I just didn't feel right. I'm not trying to be goody-goody. I might be wrong, coz these animals might find the zoo as good as their home forests. Anyway, I have made a comic strips about it, too. I'll show you when I have time.

 They had never seen an Otter this cute :)
(I refer to myself, of course)

If only they could take those bars away :(

(She sure can't be lost in a crowd looking like that :P

 They just liked the view of the place.

They are the elephant's biggest fan!

They shimmered in sunlight

I took this picture of her when we were about to get back to Phnom Penh. It was in another friend's farmhouse. And we were picking Milk fruit (Plear Dosko). When our picker prepared to get down from the tree, he handed a long wooden pole used for picking the fruit to Sara, and I said, "Be careful, you could kill somebody with that."
"You think I'm clumsy?" She asked me.
"No," I said. "But you look clumsy."
She laughed.

How I miss those funny moments, and I just wish my young professor a happy artistic life back in US.
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  1. wah fun! :) I wish i could join :p

  2. Hahahahaha.... I'm laughing with tears in my eyes now! Gee, those moments are hilarious, but lovely! AWAWAWAWAW... She is gorgeous as a portrait! And u, too, looked so shy, but cunning in that picture with her. :P

  3. Omg, she is sooooo adorable. What a lovely prof. you got! If I were you, I would find it hard to concentrate in class. Maybe I would just stare at her all day long and got lost in her pretty innocent face. And if I were Sara, I would knock your naughty head "klus klus" for the funny answers. HaHa!!

  4. @Kunna: Wahahaha...My god, you said like you are a dude! I would tell her that you fall in love with her. Lolzz..yeah, at first I was shocked to see her as my teacher too. She looked like a Hollywood star in disguise. Once she sketched me in her dairy book, so I got stared at by her, it made me feel so shy for the whole time she did that.

    What? You want to knock me too? My friends at school do it all the time. I'm just afraid you would hurt your hand, cos my head is pretty hard by now. Don't you love my cute silly responses?

  5. @Kelly: Lolzzz you don't have to cry if you enjoy my conversations like that! Thank you for getting the jokes. You always get my jokes, don't you? I miss talking to you and hear you laugh too. Well, I will go really silly every time people appreciate me! ahhaha.... I can see everyone thinks my comic teacher is a real hottie here.

  6. Haahahaaha.. How kbal-khoch you are!!! I love naughty people anyways. They are full of fun and surprises.

    Oh she sketched you?? How lovely! I wish there is someone out there to sketch my beautiful face too. HAHAHA

  7. Haahahaaha.. How kbal-khoch you are!!! I love naughty people anyways. They are full of fun and surprises.

    Oh she sketched you?? How lovely! I wish there is someone out there to sketch my beautiful face too. HAHAHA

  8. @Kunna: Heuy... even a fool knows you're beautiful. You don't have to remind me of that.

    Naughty people like me can be a pain in the butts too, you know?

  9. Lovely!!!! Love your conversation!!!! Hehehe She's lovely. Love her specs!!! YOU SEE? It shows how much you interest in people already!!!!

    Anyway, I laughed my big belly off reading the whole things. You have a knack for sketching, drawing, telling the story, make the innocent joke... I suggest you should come up with hilarious story boards and sell it to "Obsok" or sth! No, Obsok is not nice. How's about produce a new book like "MOM & MAB"??? I miss Mom & Mab. Please Please!

  10. I read Mom&Mab too! You know every recess at my secondary school, the first place I would run to was the library. That's how I got to read a lot of Khmer stories and even Japanese stories.

    But c'mon! I'm not a comedian, even I love making people laugh. And I don't know how I could do that in English, but I just did crack my prof up. Maybe when people like me, I have a tendency to make them like me more. hahaha...jkd.


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