Ginger, the Kindergartener

I made this comic book for my extra course at the university. It's about a five-year-old girl named Ginger. This story is a mixture of my childhood memories, and present-day experiences, but some are also fictional.

Well, I am a comic nuts. When I was a kid, I saved my allowance to buy a bunch of Khmer comic stories, Tum Teav, Soprorsith, Thon Chey, etc. I guess my childhood life had always been surrounded by stories and comics. And then I got a chance to learn how to make one of my own! I also received a lot of inspirations from the western cartoonists, like Jim Davis and Spiky, the creators of  "Garfield" and "Peanuts".

This one is more influenced by Peanuts. A group of children who seemed to have interesting childhood journey around their little world. And Garfield is a big fat cat, remember? He's my idol! I wish I could continue to make comics, but reality doesn't like to allow a person to do everything she wants.

Anyway, one of the episodes I dedicated to my beautiful prof. I hope you guys enjoy them. And tell me what you think. *Wink*

Ginger, the Kindergartener Ginger, the Kindergartener Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. It makes me miss my almost-twin sister! Terribly! :( and it reflects how badly i am to be that little Ginger!

    And it makes me miss:

    - My passion for French & English literature.
    - My childhood activity at Bib... drawing, coloring, painting, crafting, singsong-ing... etc.

    I love drawing and comics as you do. I have a great passion for it. I used to get many rewards for mon dessin back then too.

    Dang! You dug my past passion!!!! Hate you!

  2. Hahaha... I like that poor little Ginger!

  3. Wow wow wow! What more can I say! Your work looks like a pro. work! The bad part is that I want to read more! You left me wanting more! :D

    P.S I got a Children Painting Award from Japan when I was in middle school, just so you know, mak yeay!

  4. @P: I have no idea how my comic story could give you such a mean heart to hate me. Well, you just don't put your passion into motion, that's all. I told you every child is a artist by nature, but it takes nurture to remain as one.

    I understand how you feel, I miss my childhood too, esp now. But sometime by making something like comics to remind you about it, helps!

  5. @Kunna: I like her too. I don't want to be mean to her, but sometimes childhood life is a lot more interesting and adventurous.

  6. @Kelly: I want to! But I have a lot on my plate than my braced teeth can chew!!! I wish there was a job that pays me just to make fun stuff like writing and drawing. *Grin*

    What, do you really feel a need to tell me about that? I joined that Japanese competition too. I was a representative of my school, even I didn't get to travel to Japan to receive the prize. hahaha...

    Well, we're INFJ, so we tend be a little more artistic than others, esp ENFP and INFP right? hahaha...jkd!

  7. This is amazing! I'm so excited to see it published on the internet. Are you going to make more Ginger stories?

  8. In my imagination Ginger is cute and funny :)

  9. @Sara: if I had more than 24 hours a day, I would continue the Ginger series! But now I'm making a story for DEAR project as I'd mentioned before. I'm not complaining, I love to do comics, but it's just that I want to wait until I have time for this. Don't worry, I won't let your lessons go down the drain. :D

  10. @Puput: That's what I wanted it to be, honey. Thank you, your support is what keeps me moving!

  11. Omg, these comics are really good! They're hilarious! I totally adore Ginger x

  12. Awww!!! Cassey!!!!! Nice to see you again. I'm so glad you enjoy my comic book. Thank you for coming to read. Wish you a happy day over there.

    Love and miss you dear. :D

  13. lol this just made my days.
    I really like ur sense of humor ;D

  14. Glad to hear you like my silly humor. I've been told that I have a strange way of talking and make people laugh. Well, I hope you enjoy it.


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