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Here are some random things I've come across recently. I know my blogging has become less frequent, but I'm trying to keep up with my boring stuff. Well, not all of them are boring actually. I would like to present you some cool things I've got. First is a comic masterpiece from my professor. I love comic arts. I think I'm one of those people who refuse to grow up in all the right way.

And this is my coin collection. I know, I'm not alone in this hobby. Some people collect stamps and even stuffed animals. So why not currency of other countries around the world? I just feel bad that our country doesn't have any coins anymore. The French took all the gold and silver and now, we're left with nothing but paper money.

This is the book I've read. My friend leaned it to me. Well, I refuse to give any detail since this book is just another semi-boring, out-of-the-world-fantasy story by this Japanese writer. I've read another one called "Kafka on the Shore". I hated it, but I like his writing style though. He just knows what he's talking about, even we don't really get what he means.

And the MESS!!! This is one of the coolest books I've ever received from my friend Panharath. It's about awaking the creative genius in us. Mistakes are considered as arts! I love the concept of this book. Why do we have to make something perfect all the time? We're not perfect anyway, right? But I guess, it takes creativity to make a mess, too. Thank goodness, it's not the problem!

Btw, when I read the first chapter of Sputnik Sweetheart, this one line got my attention. And I was like, "What's Angkor Wat doing here?" So I just took a picture of it. And the rest of the pictures are just my photography exercise.

Anyway, Hpapy New Yaer EvreyOne!!!!
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  1. Hey I cannot read the comic, the letters are too small and they hurt my eyes. Duuuh!

    You're a coin-collector? Lol.. I am a currency collector. I collect currencies from all countries over the world, coin and paper money, in use or no longer in use. I just love currencies. My mom laughed at that, and my hubby said I make the worst us of money, and I slow down apart of economic growth by reducing money flow.. blah blah blah (Well, he's an economist you know).

    LOL, I laughed when you say you hate "kafka on the shore" and didn't get what he means, yet like his style of writing. LOL and semi-boring japanese writer? :))

    The book of mess looks interesting huh! Show us after you've done making the best mess of it. :D

    Whoa! Nice, I like it how they mentioned Cambodia or anything related to Cambodia in books, or movie. Hopefully, we will be more known to the world. I was fed up talking to foreigners in other countries who do not know Cambodia, yet knows Thailand and Vietnam well.

    That family shake look inviting huh! Where can I find it?

    Btw, nice summary. ;) At least, we got to know what you've been through these days away from the blog.

  2. You collect currencies too? Hahaha...You know Panharath also collect coins like me. I collect Children books too, but not many. Your bubby might be right about slowing down the money traffic. Who knows how many currency collectors out there? We're making a money traffic jam, I guess. But it's not that bad since you sometimes collect dead money too. Lol...

    Yes, I hated the story. But I like the way the author portray the scenes, how they're all simple and clear and lively and geez...too much! I think if you read it, you'd get what I mean.

    YES!!! I'm just like you! I'm so disappointed when I hear foreigners say they have no idea where our country is. But I can't blame them, in fact, they're missing out a lot.

    Thank you for liking my boring summary. I have a lot to say but no time to write in blog. Now, this new year, I'll try to keep up as long as my simple life goes. :D

    PS: the smoothe is at bluepumpkin, the snacks there are well-made anyway.

    PPS: Why didn't you double click the picture??? *roll eyes*

  3. Hehehehe I love random posts! How I miss posting them myself. I'm gonna have time to update my blog from next month on!

    Hahaha yeah that's why I don't collect currencies. Ummm I have a Khmer SMOK box of coins. But there are 3 coins I love the most. Cuz it's gold color and big which is rare. I'm going to have a lot of coins from every country in future!!! Like glass bottle(s)! Moreover, I'll make sure I save them for both of you too. Coins and currencies. How do you like the idea?

    Hahahaha you can imagine how an innocent girl in her 18 read Kafka On The Shore for the first time! I've read it like 3-4 times and I didn't get what he wants to talk about. But I'm thankful to it that I start obsessing with books ever since.

    Yeah i dont it when foreigners know only Thai & VN, or they know Angkor Wat and Khmer Rouge, but not Cambodia, or they confuse Cambodia with Thailand. I have three books mentioned Cambodia. Yeah, this Sputnik Sweetheart, Extreamely loud and incredible close (do you remember the part Mr black who has a wall of every country masks? When he put on cambodia mask, he told Oskar: "it's not a horrible world, but it's filled with a lot of horrible people.") and Around the world in 80 dates by Jennifer Cox.

    Next time, we should meet up at Blue Pumpkin, but I prefer Blue Pumpkin in SR better! :(

  4. Aw, that's a wonderful, smart idea! I have a coin which is more than a 100 years old. I love it. It was used for Indochina region. When I touch that coin, I like to imagine all the people who had used it, what they were like, where they lived and so on. I guess, I'm a freak for that. hehehe

    Oh dear, I don't want to imagine you reading Kalfa, coz even if you'd read it, you wouldn't have gotten anything much since you were just innocent, niave 18 year-old girl. It's like playing Tror to a cow (hey, I don't mean you're a cow, just a Khmer metaphor)...hehehe

    Yes, i remember it as clear as day. That part is a misunderstanding, but also an un-blame-able truth. Never mind, we're the ones to stand up for ourselves anyway.

    Blue Pumpkin is a bit too small for us fat old ladies, I don't think we can find much privacy there, but I don't mind eating the bakery. They're good.

    PS: I'll make another post about our meeting. Hope you like it.


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