The Legend of Slek Krei & Spey Kdoup

If you are a first-time artist. 
But with a humble sense of humor. 
You can do a comic art like this to mock your friends when you're bored. 
Which is what I have done here. Well, it's just a tongue in the cheek joke, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

My bloggie girlfriends have been calling me by a veggie name "Khnei", because I did a comic story entitled, "Ginger", which is "Khnei" in Khmer. And as a person who likes to practice the law of Karma, I named them back with silly veggie names. 
So my friend, Kunna, the one who started it all, is now called, "Oun Slek Khrei" (Darling Lemongrass!). 
And Panharath, who is an enthusiastic follower, is now called, "Oun Spey Kdoup" (Darling Cabbage!).
Somehow, I find these veggie names suit them both perfectly!!!

Plus, they also gave me the inspiration to draw this mocking cartoon of them. In fact, it comes from our conversation regarding the dot-dot-dot subject. It's totally a Cambodian joke that you can totally get. And even if you don't, the cartoon version of them is still funny, right? 
Here is how they did it:  

Kunna said: "Eiii ya, talking about having babies already huh??? How about the big day? Soon, I wish!"
Panharath: "I've wanted to have babies yu hay!!! Min doch jea Neak Neang Slek Krei te!!! Ot jang upgrade tov Lok Srey te reu??"
Me: "You see? Kunna. She's more speedy than you are. You're going to lose a race to the Children Village in no time! ahahahaha...!"
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  1. Hahaha... I like it! Thanks knhei oan. Both look lovely just like the real me and P. LOL.. and look at Spey Kdoup's face impression! OMB, I can't stop LOL-ing!!!

    Spey kdoup, I will overtake you when I change my shoes. Beware!!

    Dear Knhei, how about another story about oan Ktem and you??!

  2. hahaha it's funny! I like it. I wish i could draw as well as you :p

  3. @Kunna: Hahaha, yeah the best part of this cartoon is the shoes. I practically had to imagine you in real life and then projected it into cartoons. It made me laugh so much while drawing this.

    There is no artist in this world who wants to draw a cartoon teaser of herself, so your chance to see me in the cartoon is zero. But maybe Ktem Jrouk will appear in my comic art someday too, who knows?

  4. @Puput: Yes you can!!! You're born an artist already. I don't think it's hard to try, it's only hard to start, dear. Go ahead and have fun. :D

  5. Hahahahaha damn!!!!! YOU! I hate no idea you would pick up this issue as a story. I look like a maniac and Krei vinh sweat like a pig with her high heels. Look at the step I take... Hahaha veng jeang nas!

    Krei hah,, maybe next challenge? Lol ហួសចិត្ត!!! អស្ចារ្យតែម្តង មីអូន ខ្ញី!!!!!

  6. Hahahah...You should've known that you're a maniac spey kdoup right now, like in the picture.

    យី!​ ហៅគេអាក្រក់ម្លេះ?​សុទ្ឋតាមីអូនខ្ញី​!​ ចុះបើខ្លួនឯងចង់ខ្លាំងដល់ករ​ចឺងមែន​ មិនអោយ​គេគូរ​ចឺង!

  7. Agree! I laughed the hardest at the shoes too. The high heels look so cute on Slek Krei!

    Yeah spey kdoup dai jerng veng veng nas! :)) Maybe I should extend my legs for the next race! LOL

    Yeah yeah yeah.. ខ្ញីនេះហិរមិនធម្មតាទេ សង្ស័យថាខ្ញីចាស់ដល់កំរិតហើយមើលទៅ!

  8. Oh, so I have mastered the art of making people laugh with comics then? Lolz..

    If you guys like it so much, I might come up with another cartoon teaser someday, who knows? Next time would be nastier.


  9. ស្ទីលរបស់ចាស់ៗអ្នកកំពង់ចាម។ កុំប្រកាន់អី មីនាងអូន ខ្ញី!

    ស្លឹកគ្រៃ ហា! បិសាច ខ្ញី យិនសិុន ពាន់ឆ្នាំ ចឹង!

    ការីឥណ្ឌាអីចឹងទេ ហាហាហា តែល្អដែរក្រែងលេាបានស្គាល់មិត្តភក្តិថ្មីៗ ដូចជា សណ្តែ កដី ម្ទេស jalapeño អី ណែនាំផង

  10. មិនអីទេអ្នកក្តោប!!!​ នៅស្រុកជិតគ្នារសោះ​អ្នកអើយ​មិនយកទោសអូសដំណើរអីទេ!​តែបើបានលឺម្តងទៀត​ និងចាប់​យក​ទៅស្ងោរស៊ុបគីអោយដឹងដៃម្តង!​

  11. LOL, feeling like i'm living in "the world of vegetable' now! ;D
    U guys are hilarious!
    *thumb up for u, Ginger!* ^^

  12. Maybe we also want to encourage you to eat more veggies! Lolz... Thank for the thumb up. I feel like a real cartoonist now. Lolzz

  13. At least I have better chance to get to know new friends, unlike Spey Kdoup. It's gonna be curry party! HAHAHA..

  14. I hope the curry you are in won't make people sick. ahahahhaa

  15. So cute that the cabbage can paint it's nails without hands! <3 <3


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