What Goes with Ice Cream?

Friends and some good books are my answer.
We don't just know each other through a tiny wire of internet, but we continue to reach out for each other and stay in touch in real life. Good friends are hard to find. If you see them coming, my first advice is to grab them by the necks and never let go, and don't forget to make fun of them as much as possible!! Because they never get mad at you, they will always get your jokes. That's what makes me feel lucky in my friendship. A million thanks girls, for making everything more beautiful just by being you.

I don't know why, but every time we have to go back home, I always miss this girl. It seems like there are things I wanted to ask her and learn more about her life, but couldn't get through. Maybe we both are the same, introvert and way too alike. I wish we could set aside our inhumanly busy lives and spend more fun time with one another.
Panharath: "Anyone want ice cream horn?!!"
You know, if I say it's not part of my nature to make fun my friends, I would be the biggest lair on earth. And you can tell it through this photographic masterpiece! Yep, I took it, because this girl has a way of being my laughingstock. I just couldn't help admiring her silliness. But she is, without a slightest doubt, the most important person to color our moment together.

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  1. Oh, Yeay Khnei! It kinda gets me emotional! Thank you so much for being friend with me through this little-wire world and putting effort to reach out for each other in real life as well! You know, when meeting and talking with you yeay yeay, I feel like 'Okay, this is reality. We have a real-life topic to talk and without being worried to be judged or anything.' I feel so blessed! *hug*

  2. Yes me too yeay ktem jrouk!!! I like hearing you laugh, I wish I could keep doing that. I know I'm just an ordinary person, but when I meet you girls, I feel so loved and special! Hope we don't just forget each other when we grow old. :D

  3. I love you girls too, my lovely veggies (is that what you want hear, Knhei koan mday??)!!

    I feel like we have a pool of shared personalities and interests, and all of us get a long very well. What I like most is the fact that we could never get mad no matter how mocking we were.

    Imagine if we have this kind of gathering until each become genuine grannies, toothless, grey hair, wrinkle face and stuffs.

    Btw, I love all the photos here, esp the last one. LOL P looks hilarious with the ice-cream cone! It suits her well tho. HAHAHA!

  4. It's ice-cream horn! hahaha...I didn't know what make P looked like that, but it's a funny expression, not to mention the corn-horn! Lolzz...

    Word of advice, just be aware of yourself Kunna, you're also in a high risk of being humiliated by a master-teaser!

    Eeesssh!! Knei kon Mday...? Don't you think it's unnatural for a slek krei to give birth to knei? Khoas puch knea heuy ja..!

  5. No big deal since I am a master-teaser-to-be. LOL

    You can be kon kat, you know. Knhei kat slek krei.. :D You can use my leave to tie as bow, and you gonna look OH-SO-CUTE, just like Spey Kdoup here! LOL

  6. A master-teaser-to-be? hahahaha...Well, I can see a possibility in you, but in order to be an effective teaser, you have to be a teasee first! hahahaha...

    Oh so with a slek krei bow, can I be a hip-hop Knei? Yo yo!


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