You Are My Veggie Valentines!!!

Not my average Valentine's Day!
I had a date!
Well, this time is an exception.
Don't get me wrong, love applies to all, even your bloggie old ladies can be your dates too! (I know we are not that old, but each of us always tries to depress each other about aging. So there!) Besides, it was my belated birthday catch up, and Kunna also came along!!!

We made our Valentine's day full of colors, even pink was not present! We had trouble meeting up at first, but nothing can stand between our love!!!

Okay, I better stop and get my act together now.
Well, let me introduce our new member to the Veggie Table (though we ate fish fried that day). This is Kunna, the most outstanding extraordinaire in the Grandma Circle- both in professional and love life. I had never met her before, but we have been bloggie friends since ages ago. I remember I've found her blog and thought she was a sweet and innocent someone, but after I got to know her more, Omb! She's not just another pretty face!!!

Her veggie name is Slek Krei, aka lemongrass, which I am so proud to be the giver of it. And when Panharath and I were driving to the Royal Café, P even joked something like this, "Kunna is gonna be late, probably she's still busy combing her leaves."
I was like, "Hahahahaa!!! And make sure she has pretty roots!"

Here is when Lemongrass gave out her autographs to us, because I asked her to do so, but she insisted to give just her hand-writing of our names, which made me want to ask her, how she could make a living without her signature? But then I realized even her hand-writing looked artistic already! 

Cabbage and Garlic (Kelly) make a very healthy dish!

Kelly had to skip her evening class to join us. She even gave us roses! And I ate it all! I meant it was made of yummy chocolate, hello? Before we know it, we got an inside scoop about her jot-jot-jot thing too. How sweet!

So here is about me and MINE! That's my birthday present from Cabbage Panharath! It brought out the child in me. I was clapping my hands and laughed like a five-year-old when I opened this gift. It's a Pop Up children story. She knows I love children books. And the other ones below are also from P! She said the character of the books, Clarice Bean is just like me! She said the way we talk also the same, silly and so head-knock-able!

Isn't my date hot, everyone?

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  1. Yeah Cabbage and Garlic make a very yummy food! I love eating fried cabbage with garlic and oyster sauce.

    YES YES YES, your date is so hot! Even hotter than extinct volcanoes. HAHA!

    Aww my heart melt to the floor reading this post. Thank you soooo much for such a sweet describing! <3
    I feel lucky like a four leaves clover to get to know you brainy-veggie-grannies!

    Hey I am no extraordinaire in anything. Talking about LOVE, Oh NO! I have to raise a white flag to P. She and her borng almost make me diabetic. :)

    Eii yaaaa.. Knhei and Spey Kdoup kbal khoch nas, lourch niyeay derm ke teat! Well, the only chance I have to comb my leaves is at the traffic stop.

  2. Next time when we meet Cabbage and Garlic, prepare a big plate! We gotta chop'em up and cook 'em well, so that we both enjoy their deliciousness. I'm sure the two of them would make a great flavor together. hahaha..!

    What? How come you raise a white flag so soon. But you haven't expanded your empire yet!...well, don't say that, it's just a phase that every couple go through.

    And yes I agree about P, the love due really have a sweeter-than-honey thingy, and I'm so glad I have anti-biotic against diabetes. Lolzz...

    Yeah right, you're hot, soooo hot that I just want to call a fire department.

  3. White flag to the sweetness of the 2 love-birds. :) Their conversations always flow like a love poem or duet love song.

    LOL - Come on, I'm not hot. I am cold, as cold as winter breeze you know.

  4. Oh, I'm sorry to jump into conclusion. I thought you were still sulk about the Phnom Penh Post thing.
    But I think your level of sweetness is no difference from P. Just one is blossoming, while the other is already a bud of flower!

    Oh! So you're hot then you're cold You're yes then you're no.
    You're in then you're out
    You're up then you're down' hahahahah


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