22 Fun Facts About How I Wrote My Story

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It took me a while to get back to this. I have received another awesome review from my friend Pahnarath, who has finished reading my fiction story. So now I have two adorable book fans!!!

I don't know where to start. I think I'll just do it from scratch. I've put all my writing facts into bullet points, so feel free to read:

  1. The idea of writing the HB came from a sudden urge between me and my bestie. She started it. So I followed.
  2. I wasn't a big fan of vampires, but writing a story about vampires just sounded like a fun challenge to me, that's why I decided to write one.
  3. Of course, I'd watched and read Twilight saga. So they influenced my writing in some way, but it's not the main factor to shape my entire story. And before I wrote the HB, I had already quit reading them ever since I finished Eclipse. Still, I had no idea that my story was relevant to Breaking Dawn until my friend P mentioned it. I didn't mean to write a similar story to that, but too bad, people's minds are like calculators sometimes.
  4. I usually don't plan the plots before I write, I just write it straight out of my head, which is really fun and adventurous (in literature term, we call writers like that, "the plasters").
  5. I spend a maximum of 1 hour to write each time. But I don't write everyday. I could only write when I'm in a writing mood.
  6. I'm a slow writer. It would take me days or even weeks to complete a chapter, that's why I had to spend almost two years finishing the HB. I wish I had a faster RAM in my brain.
  7. I always dread getting started. It's just so difficult to get myself to begin writing. No matter how much I've written in the book so far, I still hate to start.
  8. Writing fantasy and paranormal is my favorite genre. I used to be so obsessive with realistic novels, and even tried to write one, but it didn't work. It seems like it's not my home genre anymore. But I hope to write one in the far future.
  9. I think if you want to write a good story, you must have some background in philosophy. During my time of writing the HB, I was taking a philosophy course. So it helped me to write with logical premises to support my theories. Sometime I laughed at how crazy it all sounded. No doubt, my friend P said it's crazy.
  10. In my book, I wrote about a bunch of genius girls. They each have different skills, all of which I had no idea about. I didn't even like physics or biology that much when I first started making up the characters. The ideas just appeared into my plots, so I had to dig into my worldly knowledge to write about them. 
  11. But the fun part is that, I like to use my characters to explore and twist and bend any science theories to suit my own conclusions. And I feel like I'm some kind of a crazy freak myself.
  12. I have warned my valuable readers that, the main character is no one but a total product of my imagination, but still, one of my readers likes to picture me as the main character, I just want to be sick. Sometime I think I should've waited until I'm 50 to write a book, so that no one would compare me to my 17-or 15-year-old main character. I know some writers don't mind being compared to their characters, but I do. A lot.
  13. To me. writing is like playing God, you can create a new world and all. And just like God (with the capital G), I love my creation. I love all of my characters, even the bad guys. Because without the bad guys, or the twists and turns along the line, my story is meaningless. (Btw, I'm agnostic Buddhist).
  14. I like to write about female protagonists. No wonder my book is full of them. One of my character Cammie is exactly what I want to shape as a female role model. She's strong and brave. But Alyssa became my secret weapon later in the story, she's just plain cute and smart. Jacques is another fun character to write. She always seems to know what she's doing, (even when I don't). All in all, these characters make the best best-friends anyone could ever wish for in real life.
  15. The hardest part about writing the HB is the romantic part. I had to rake my brain to think of what to write for those scenes. But I don't want to focus my story around love, because Twilight has done it justice already. Anyway, I hope Princip is an ideal crush for my readers, too.
  16. I'm not good at writing dialogues. But the strangest thing is that, I often find myself writing what the characters speak. Their voices seem to arise from who they are in the story.
  17. My second reader said she wanted to know how I could come up with the plots and stuff. I think it's a very good question. But I don't know the right answer to that, too. Sometime plots just popped into my mind. Sometime events that had occurred in the story just linked themselves to make a new plot. I think writing is like making crafts. The design doesn't seem to get anywhere at first, but at the end of the day, you've got your art.    
  18. My first book fan said all characters' personalities must have come from only one source — me, the writer. I know that all characters have to have different personalities, but I think I don't have that many personalities to write from. So I just did the only best thing I could — imagine.
  19. Because I'm not a native English writer, I never thought I could write something funny. But my friends who have read the story said it was full of humors. I am so overjoyed to hear that. And boy, I never thought I could make sad scenes so sad either! I just want to grab each of my readers and ask them, "REALLY?!! Did you really really find it funny and sad?!!"
  20. I used plain English to write. Words are just like colors, and ideas are just like images. I would visualize the idea as a picture and then I would try to figure out how to use words to paint that pictures out. Let me tell you, it's so so so hard. 
  21. I have mixed emotions after I finished my first story. One is a general feeling when you have done something you'd never dreamed of doing. It's like, "Oh wow! I wrote a book! I couldn't believe it!" And another feeling is that, when I think about what I wrote, I just want to throw up all over myself.
  22. And fact 21# leads me to start a new story :D
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  1. haha now you got two books, HB and the story behind it. It's always fun reading about reasons why people make something.
    Hey i wish i could read your book. :)

  2. Yes, I like to read how other people follow their dreams too. But mine is nothing compared to theirs. Oh, I think I'll give out my first chapter to the public someday. So if you're interest to read, you can wait. :D

  3. Hahahaha first, I love th new Utterly, Me! Second, I love the 21 facts and third, I love the #22 fact. What can I say, you've done a great job of writing a book, and now a blog post about your 22 facts. Awesome! Oi Me Dai 1, eat tov!

  4. P, you have a very salty thumb. I'd rather trade it for a kiss. lolzz..

    Thank! I love the new Utterly Me too! It suits me, and I adore Clarice Bean. She's as silly as me!

    I think the facts are not complete, but that's enough to tell you how I did what I did. When you start your own book, you'll see that it's a very interesting journey indeed. Thank you for all your support over the years, it's so good to have you as my reader, dear!

  5. Jom! Jleuy! Hahaha

    Consider CB your twin. Lol

    Thank for giving your precious, sweat and blood story. Look, now you start another one already. Kal ban mel tov? Saob nas oi ta ma chapter. Yeah, it's enough to tell me why and how you did it. But you haven't tell me if I can recommend your book to Khmerbird? Or I guess, you haven't made decision, or never at all? Hehehe I'm just following up with you te na.

  6. P, be patient, hahaha, that's call cliff hanger or suspense, something that makes the readers want to find out more. But you'll get the next story to read, maybe before you leave here? I'm still trying to figure out the plots for the new story. There are a lot of difficult scenes to write. Besides I'm terribly busy lately. But hey, do you think the next story is interesting to read for you? I mean some readers don't like crazy fantasy stories much, that's why I'm asking you. Please tell me what you really want to see in the story as a reader, can you?

    Well, I'm not sure if I should donate it to the bird. But what would happen if I decided to give my book to that site?

  7. Hehehe you don't write for all people over the world. You don't write for people who doesn't like fantasy fiction. And I guess, you know why you write it. How about thinking that you write for people who like it or might like it? You need to open yourself for criticism, idealistic. Fantasy is about impossible possibility, right? Hehehe I'm sure you'll come up with something great. Personally, i want you to write what you wanna read or what you want people to read rather than write what people wanna read. I think that makes your story different and unique.

    Hehe ummm here is what I think:

    1) share what you've done to the readers. you would encourage me to share my story too if I wrote one, right? And if my story good, you would want to let other know my writing is good too, right? Admit it, you love reading or seeing or hearing what people has in store to share you and you would appreciate their works too.

    2) they need to know that there's someone--Cambodian out there who can write fiction like a native. Like we need to know if there's a American out there who could write Khmer story too, like one of your prof?

    3) it's important to open yourself to opportunities. Always. Sometimes they comes to you without you knowing, but sometimes, you need to spread your net, and let's see if you could catch some fishes (u know what I mean)

    But you need to:

    1) stop thinking your story is not good enough or afraid that they might don't like it.

    2) showing your work doesn't mean you'll be in the center of attraction. (you'll need to read agatha Cristie's background for this point)

    3) plant the root of being a little bit extrovert. It's ok to be a little extrovert. Break your biggest fear. (I broke ones myself. Now u see me as an extrovert, hehe.)

    Above all, I want the best for you, my friend. You're unique. And you have to make the most of it. And I want you to make the most of it. Because what you're doing is what I've been loving and wishing I could do it, but im meant to go the other road with the extrovert I've grown, and plus I'm not as talented as you. That's why, I wanna see you make the most of your talent. It's a gift.

  8. P, you put your trust on my uniqueness too much! What do you say about Kafa on the shore's author? His uniqueness to me is kinda mental-disturbed. Sorry to attack your favorite author, but well, everyone is unique? Lolzz...thank you for all these lovely ideas, I'll take them into mind.

    First, I'll try to be more confident in my writing. Second, I'll try to be open to more readers, if I have any. Third, I'll try to write what I want to read and what I want others to read, because I'm so-oh-oh unique!

    1. I'm trying to be open, that's why I decide to give the book to your man! I don't mean to be stingy, but can you tell me how many friends do you want to give if you've written a story? They say only bad writers think their story is good. But I don't want to be modest. I already told you in Fact 21.

    2. Lol! There are a lot of Cambodians who can write like a native na P! Not just me. I'm just writing it through simple narrative, I used to write a diary in English, so I guess it has sharpened my narrative skill. And I have written a lot of craps in this blog too. It's not hard when you think about it, but it's always hard when we don't practice.

    3. But what does extrovert have to do with my writing? You mean I should show it around? I already did! To you and Kunna, my prof, Kelly too. As long as I feel like I can trust that person, I'll let them read. But that's not the case when you mention the KhmerBird.com, I don't even know him or he knows anything about me. So?

    4. I understand how you feel. Sometime I envy those who have a chance to do something they love and make the most of it. I'd trade anything to be in their place. But we all know, only by doing what we love without caring about the negative voice that we actually get to do what we love. Just like writing, the only way to write a book is to actually write it.

    5. Something I want to tell you back. Don't EVER say you're not talented! Ever! You don't know it yet, unless you try. I never thought I could paint anything, but when I tried, I realize that I could. Simple as that.

  9. Hmm.. P has good reasons. But I just think maybe it's better not to let it float freely in the public esp. in someone's else blog (if N. wants to, then it should be her own blog). I would rather recommend publish it commercially, or introducing it to the public by making up an article about the book (written by a talented young Cambodian author)in PP Post - Lift. I believe the effort N. has put in the book will pay off and as well inspire Cambodian teens to read more or maybe even write one too, who knows.

  10. @Kunna: I think P has a good intesion on that, but You, you have a mind of an economist genius! I have to admit you make me smile just by suggesting the idea! Yes!!! Why didn't I think of that before???

    Maybe, I should promote for HB, or write to PP Post about it, well why not? I also plan to give away an excerpt in this blog, so maybe those who want to read the book can get it. Thank you for believing in my work girl. You guys are part of the reason why I keep going. Thank from the bottom of my growling stomach (oops sorry, I'm just a little hungry now) Lolzz...

  11. I know P wants to promote your book. I know that.

    Yes!!! That's what I meant. If anyone interested in reading yours, let them contact you directly. You have your own right. You can give away to school library too. And you will be the talented young cambodian author Miss U.B. Sovathary! Amazing!

    Aww.. I wish I have your talent!

  12. Yeah, I know you know that P knows.

    The problem that bugs me is, I wrote the book in English, with prose that unfamiliar to the Cambodian-mind set, and only those who have exposed to English literature like you or P can get the whole ideas, because you guys have a strong background of reading English books so far, so I don't think it's going to be popular among teenage group or most Cambodian readers. I don't mean to brag about my English writing skill, but it's just hard for Cambodian teens to be interested in my book, well, you get what I mean.

    Oh, you already have the talent! All you need is a courage to dig it up, a strong will to fight all your doubts and negative voice. They say, "Talent is common, but what is rare is commitment".

    So, even I have talent, still if I don't have commitment, nothing will come out of it either. My passion is discovered after I pursued it. And you're also creative and artistic, who knows what would happen if you really pursue it? :D

  13. Okay, I wish I have your commitment!! :) I am an ENFP as you know, one of the worst habit is to drop one interesting activity to another which I think more interesting.

    You're right! Not many Cambodians read English lit. but there are not too few who read Twilight, Harry Porter... That's why I want to have an article about it published in PP Post for ex. first! The idea is to introduce it to public. So, only those who are "interested" can contact you to get the book.

  14. Mmmm...you have a lot of optimistic ideas. But how? After the 'interested' people contact me, what should I do next? Sell the book or give it for free? Should I make business out of my book by selling? Or be a generous writer and giveaway for free? Either one sounds pretty undesirable to me, that's why I'm stuck on myself.

    Sorry, I don't want to bring problems to the table and give you headache, maybe we can just do it step by step. First get it promoted publicly and then wait and see if it works, right?

  15. Well well well you guys have your brilliant ideas. If you want to publish it on PP Post, let's contact Nila for it. she writes for LIFT in PPPost. My idea of letting the Khmerbird.com is because this blog is being views by many readers, both Khmer and foreigners. I'm one of his fan when it comes to Cambodia news. And I only want those readers to know that there's a young Cambodian girl who could write like a pro and if you want to use it as a tool to open up for an great opportunity for your dream career. Simple as that.

    After all, it's all your decision.

  16. You can make money from your selling the book. Let's do some business, and your efforts worth it anyways. Give it for free just lower its value. But you can donate it for free to school library, students (who can't afford), organization who support children...

    Yes, Cabbage is right. Let's contact Nila or Ktem Chrouk and discuss the issue.

  17. @P: I'm so thankful for all your concerns here. It all sounds really promising to try. I'll do just that when the right time comes. How about after I finished my second book before we start the plan? That way I wouldn't feel so embarrassed about having written a vampire story, you know?
    Maybe you can be my personal agent? Are you sure we can ask Nila for a favor? What will she think of that? Well, I just don't know a lot of ppl in Media business like you. So?

    @Kunna: You can be my economist adviser! Lolzz...every time you present an idea, it always enlightens me.

    Okay, let's just say I will put more thought about making the book(s) into public after I finish the second one. So if they reject the non-Cambodian story, they might consider the Cambodian one, right?


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