Choose a Job You Love

I've found this comic strip from the most talented cartoonist.
It's based on a famous quote of Confucius.
This is totally a gem of my day.

I also have my dream job. I want to sit down and write books and get paid for my work, although it's mentally laborious, but that's my passion. Sometime, I envy those who can do what they love. And you know who I envy the most?...Any authors and artists, that's who.

They can see stories in everything around them. They express themselves without even saying a single word. I envy them of having a chance to do something they love and make the most of it. I would trade anything to be in their place. But we all know, only by doing what we love (without caring what other people say) that we actually get to do it. At the same time, I feel like I'm half way to my dream job, the kind of job I would love to work nights and days...minus bosses.

I'm proud to know that I'll be in the education field for as long as I live. I can teach the next generation as well as write for the sake of creativity and imagination. My professor said, only those who teach, learn more. And a lot of writers have teaching background, so this makes me somehow happy with my decision to change my major two years ago.

I know what I want to do, and I also know there will be obstacles on this road.
But this is what I love.   

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  1. You can do it! I'm sure you can do it N.

    I've read your blog posts, I've read your first book, I've read your poem, I've seen draw; and each time you automatically make me drop my jaw. I said to myself "I know this girl will be a success"!

    We veggie grannies are here to support YOU! :D

  2. you know Nathary, I envy you! Because you can draw and write much much better then I do :)

  3. @Kunna: AWWW!!! I just want to SCREAM! Hearing all those words really fills my heart. I'm so so so thankful to you as my friend and supporter. I strongly wish that one day it will all come true to me too. A million thank you, my dear!

  4. @Puput: Oh, why you envy me? I don't know, but it feels so honored to be envied by you, coz you're also unique and I'm sure you will do just as great!

  5. Struggled and persisted in something that we thought it`ll be big is very hard decision. But thus gonna be our satisfaction to be.

  6. Keep your fingers crossed. I know u can do it :)
    Every road has obstacle but as long as you're willing to fight, nothing can stand in your way.
    "Just keep swimming!!!" - Dory from "Finding Nemo" ;D lol

  7. @N. You're a billion welcome dear! :D Don't forget me when you're famous. Hehe.

    @Prathna - I no longer permit to your blog. Please invite me.

  8. @Kunna: Lol. I apologize for the inconvenience. U can view it now ^_^

  9. @Ratu Intan: Yes, we have to know who we are and what we love.

    @ Prathna: I like how you quote Dory out. Love it too! I'll keep swimming, I'll keep my fighting spirit alive. And you too dear!

    @Kunna: When I'll become famous, the future books will be dedicated to you! Something like, "Slek Krei Rules the World" will be dedicated to Kunna, how about that? hahahah!

  10. I haven't been for so long. But I like this post. Wanna know my dream job?

  11. :D I'm always a late bird here! Haha... NAT! What does it take to make you believe that you are a genius?! and another thing is that you are not a quitter! Sleark Krey was right, we veggie grannies are always at your back!

  12. Awww...That's okay Kelly, I'm also late for your sweet something too.

    Oh Kelly! I don't know what make you think I deserve that title, but thank you, even Genius is too strong a word for someone like me. *hug*

  13. It's a job for all Introverter. I used to do both introvert and extrovert jobs. I can say, I wouldn't go to VN if I keep doing my introvert job. Sigh.

    Big luck!!!

  14. @Oan Knhei. HAHA- "Slek Krey Rules the World" it is. I like it!!! :) I can't wait for that day to come..

    @Dear Cabbage, I'm proud you could get out of your comfort zone. It takes so much energy and courage I believe. Good luck to you.

  15. @P: I used to do both too. Well, I guess it's what every introvert good at. No one knows they don't like the extrovert work since they can do it so well anyway. But at the end, it's still not our types. But you know, extrovert can't always do what introvert can, and that's a advantage.

    @Kunna: Oh you're an expert of getting people out of their comfort zone. Remember how you convinced me to get the HB? I just couldn't say no. You're really persuasive and I think at the future, you might be able to convert us all. Lolzzz...


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