Dear Childhood

18 years ago, I was that little person who could see the beauty in all things far and wide. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that a tireless talkative girl, who loved to tell stories and asked weird questions was me.

Now, that little girl has grown up, but the part of me that is still a kid always looks at life with genuine interest and wonder. Perhaps that is the innocence of childhood I have left…seeing the world with a sense of humor and simplicity, always enjoying the little things, always living the moment.
I hope I will never lose sight of that.
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  1. *Jaw-dropping* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Look at you!!!!!!! :D

    I was quiet when I was a child and I guess that is the only thing I have left from my childhood! LOL

  2. Aw... look at u! I like ur sneakers ;D
    *Like* the idea of living a life with a sense of humor & simplicity :) I hope we wont grow out of our childhood innocence...that much.

  3. HAHAHA - Now I see where GINGER comes from!

    U were chubby back then, so cute!

  4. @Kelly, I was a chatterbox back then, but now it's different, I'm a silentbox now. we're still on the same boat, right?

    @Puput: I miss it terribly too.

  5. @Prathna: hahah, I wish those sneakers still fit me. I miss walking freely with my little short legs.

    LoL, I like how you put '...that much' it's so true.

    @Kunna: LOl I told you, I made Ginger from my childhood look. Well, I wish to see how you chubby or skinny you were too! Hey why don't we post our childhood pictures? We can have fun laughing about it. You must be so cute!

  6. Haha Yeah. Not only the look, I guess some of the characteristic too. Like Ginger also loves to ask questions, and sometimes adorable-silly questions.

    Oh no, you don't want to see me. I was really skinny and not so cute like you might have thought.

  7. Oh come ON! Why do you have be shy about that? Well, you know, they say people who were not cute when they were kids, tend to grow up looking beautiful. Maybe that's also your case.

    You said I looked cute before, no wonder when I grew up, I look totally 'Duh'! hahaha

  8. I can see where Komarei Khnei was born from. Except, ummm, you're way cuter. Hehehe did I ever tell you Komarei Knhei has a grumpy look? But you're way sweeter!!!! That's make the difference. But I guess Komarei Khnei is your inner-self?! The way you would always piss off to yourself?!

    Hey, you do rock in your haircut! Let's do it again!

  9. I agree with P :D You were so cute back then! Let's do the hair cute again and eat more. :D

  10. @P: Lol...I think you like the little me than the BIG me now. I feel kinda jealous with myself. hahaha...
    What? You think my inner-me is always pissed off to myself? But I thought I was so sweet, I just wanted to date myself. Lolzz..

    Well, Ginger might have the same look I did as a kid, but it doesn't mean Ginger is me, come on!

  11. @Kunna: You think I'm skinny because I want to? I guess I couldn't get my old chubby side again. Hey, if you like that hairdo, why don't you get it first? Oh, I forget, Slek Krey's hair is too valuable. lOlzz..

  12. You made Ginger face look grumpy!!! Take a good look again!


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