Dear Mom

There, smiling in her doorway, she was that stunning woman. 20 years later, she still is.
Whether it is a cooking pot or a piece of furniture, mom always treat them like they have feelings. Resilience is in her nature, and her sense of humor is priceless. She's the best storyteller, the best cook, and I know that this elegant woman is still inside her.
Dear mom, I wish I could tell you how awesome you are.

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  1. Dear Sovathary's mom, you are very beautiful, charming and elegant. I have no doubt she's proud of you. :)

  2. Dear Kunna,
    I'll carry this message for my mom. But now give me a hug for what you said first!!!


  3. Dear Auntie (Nat's mom, of course)

    You are just so beautiful and I guess your half-sister is my mom. You two share the same caring feeling towards house thingy! :D

  4. Dear Vetey,

    Thank you girl, at this point, I would have to laugh for my mom. I can see why our moms produced such a lovely daughter like us. :D

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  7. Haha I'll write her a short message like you both did too.

    Dear Neak Ming or Mak Om,

    Blame your daughter for posting your small resolution picture, but I can tell you're beautiful and... HOT! Indeed, I used to see your current pictures too. I guess few years ago in this Ducky's post. And I would love to tell you that I can see when your daughter grows older and get married, she will definitely has your look! And even her grandma look! hehe Niyeay khos tos ei, som kom prokan nhom ei Neak Ming! Nhom nov kmeng nas!

    Oh P.S. Neak Ming or Mak Om definitely rock in your flowery robe and sunglasses! Classic!

  8. Hhahah...I don't know why you guys wrote like that, but it's fun to read too.

    Dear my mom's secret admirer,

    Why do you have to mention the married part? It's not gonna be sooner than you, of course. And we look like our parents in some way, it's natural, right? Yeah, the pic is small coz it's small, so? Anyway, she's older now, but she's still beautiful in my heart, and you'll be just like your mom too when you're her age, right? hahaha...


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