Movie Day!

As far as I remember, the last time I had been to a cinema was a million years ago.
So when I did, I watched the Hunger Games with my friend Kunna.
After our failed attempt to get together with Panharath and Kelly, only she and I went out. 

I guess it's like a tradition for me to write a reflection whenever we meet up, coz I am the only one who cares about this stuff, correct me if I'm wrong.
Well, I'm not doing a movie review here, but if you haven't watched the Hunger Games yet, you'd better! Go grab a ticket now and a box of popcorn, then enjoy this sci-fi action blockbuster!

In short, the movie is amazing, and I enjoy reading the book just as much. If you haven't read the book, you better too! Though I haven't finished the book yet, reading the Hunger Games make me feel envious of Suzanne Collin's writing. It is just flawless. I love that Katniss is a very strong protagonist, the kind of character I wish I were the creator. And the flow of the story makes you unable to put the book down. 

Well, that was just one part of my movie day, but what made it so much fun is a like-minded friend who wanted to watch it just as bad as you did.

At Saturday morning, I went to the Legend Cine and bought two tickets then waited for my friend to arrive. Surprisingly, not many people came to see the Hunger Games, but I think only people who know the books would come to watch the movie, besides it has already been on screen for a long time here.

After a while, I saw Kunna, who was scanning around the hall looking for me. So I went up to her. And in her flowing brown shirt and denim shorts, I was like, "Oh boy, why does she have to look this great?"  But not just me who noticed that, other people did a double take when she walked past by, and I think she deserves to know this from my POV.  :)

We went to the popcorn stand and when Kunna knew I'd already covered for the tickets, she insisted on getting the popcorn and cokes. But when I said "It's okay", she just pushed me aside and blocked me away from the counter. I found that gesture very hilarious, even the popcorn ladies looked at us.

Then we got into the theater and settled down. Most of the seats were empty, but I liked it that way, it was quieter and more spacious. While watching the movie, I missed a scene though, because I went to the bathroom. And when I got back, Kunna just filled me up. It was another strange thing I noticed, because if I were with my other friends, I'm sure none of them would take their time to do that for me.

After the movie ended, we walked out of the theater feeling lighter than usual, especially after all the thrills. Then I had to wait for my brother to pick me up. Kunna could have gone home, but she didn't. She said she didn't want me to wait alone, so she had to stick with me. And no matter how many times I dragged her and pulled her away to her car, she wouldn't budge. My only conclusion was that she was weird, a stubborn nut to crack she is.

So to kill time, we did a little shopping. I remember Kunna found her old-school jelly, the kind that we ate in  kindergarten and guess what? She squeaked like a little girl when she got it! Well, after all, we were just two big kids. 

At first, I thought going to the movie alone with a friend, who we haven't met that much would make us feel awkward. I even joked that Kunna might as well strangle me for being stuck with me. But at the end of the day, we actually had a great time together. 

Sometime I feel so blessed that I always end up knowing great people.
And I wish that part will never change.

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  1. I love either movie and book. The movie describes the book perfectly, except minor changes, but I don't think it's disturbing. Katniss definitely is my new heroine. :) :)

  2. Ah another Hunger Games fan. Nice to know that you like the book too. Yeah, I noticed the changes, but it's all great at the end. I was impressed with the soundtrack too, gave my friend goosebumps. Lol...

  3. Oh no, I've won another girl's heart.
    Lol..jkd...Aw! I love you too!

  4. *Jaw-dropping* I can't believe this! You guys went on movie date without letting me this! AHHHHH! When was it? May 2nd eh? :| I had classes, though. Never mind! Cham merl ahh.... :P

  5. Disappointment #1 that you didn't post about all of us. :( But hey, glad you both have fun!!!

  6. @Kelly, it's not a date, it's just a movie hangout, come on! It's not May 2nd, it was the day you got your field trip, remember? I had tried to get you guys together, but didn't work, both Kunna and I really really wanted to watch the movie, so we had to go, besides you and P didn't seem so thrilled about the HG anyway. Can't blame us for that.

    @P: I'm waiting for our pictures to post about it, but it looks like those pics would take years to arrive at my gmail box. Doesn't mean I'm not thinking about our holy date. Hey, it's your Plan F that got us thinking about going together, not our fault P!

  7. Ewww... sorry guys about the pics. I have not sync them from iphone yet.

    It's sad P and Kelly couldn't make it. The movie is so awesome that I watched it twice and didn't get enough, right N? That's one of the reason I filled N up with the story when she went to the restroom because she doesn't deserve to miss out any little piece of this wonderful story.

  8. Hahah, it's okay Kunna, take all the time you need. I've heard that you want to do a post about our dates too, so I'll wait with a smiley face to see it.

    Lol, thank for caring Kunna, you're like a real date to me. Lol jkd!

  9. HAHAHA - I have to deal with my snowball effect.

    It's called a date when two people go out and enjoying each other, isn't it? ;)

  10. So you don't mind being my date again, do you? Lol...

    Hey wait a minute, did you just say 'two people go out and enjoying each other'? Whahahaha...Gee, don't let you hubby hear that, or he'll chop me to pieces. Lol

  11. No of course not. Why would I mind!?!?

    HAHAHA You! You're thinking dirty. Ok here's my correction "two people go out and enjoying each other's company". But it's okay if my hubby chop you into small pieces since that'd be easier to cook chicken fried ginger, my favorite food. :P

  12. made me think dirty! It's your fault to give such a message that makes people blush.

    Oh yeah? So before he could chop me, I'll convert him into a veggie so that it's illegal to cook your own kind.

    Oh, I haven't found a veggie name for your hubby yet, how about La-Meit? LOL Oun Slek Krei and bong La-Meit, som knea nas! Doch Spey Kdoup & Karrot jeng lok!!! LOL!

  13. Haha I didn't say it's your fault! GEEE!

    I'm glad you both made it to watch your fav movie.

    Joi euy!

    Hey everybody care about this stuff. Like me!!! But I love reading the way you describe it a whole lot better, Jr.W!

  14. Aw..since when I became Jr.W? Sound lame.

    Really? I couldn't have guessed that. Well, maybe I describe better or else you're just busy-lazy to write, that's all. Lol...

    Yeah, thank for the Plan F, it was so fun with Kunna. She's really nice to me.

    Hey, next month can we meet up again?


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