Writer's Day #1

I have been writing non-stop these days, almost non-stop.
My second story is still taking shape, but whether a bad shape or a good shape I don't know it yet.
I'm trying to build a writer's habit by writing everyday, because they say if you do something everyday, it will get easier, and I hope it is true.

And I think I should write about what I write once in a while, so that I could keep myself motivated. That's why I come up with this Writer's Day post, which means I allow myself to discuss about my writing life in this blog whenever I feel like it. I try not to whine about writing though, no one makes me choose it anyway.

Instead of babbling spoilers or this and that, I would quite like to share my knowledge of literature with this "Writer's Day". Since I had taken two courses in Literature and Creative Writing at my university, I think at least I do know some stuff.

I have skimmed through a few stories from Cambodian writers, and I have to admit they are very lucky to get their books published. Even their work is all in Khmer language, I sort of envy them for that. But then I also feel disappointed about the way they write their fictions. I wish I could share them with what I know and improve ourselves together.

There are three mistakes they often make, A) they tell more than show. B) they write with typical cliches, C) they're quite creative, but not enough...yet. Except the translated ones from foreign writers, I find Cambodian stories pretty dull and dry to read. I have tried though, I just couldn't continue.  

I hope some of them would come and yell in my face that I have no right to judge their books. After all, they are the ones who are published authors, not me. Who do I think I am? Really, I wish we could meet, because I know I can share with them about what to look out for when you're a writer.

I don't claim that I'm a better writer than anyone, I'm also learning to write and I still have a long stretching way to go. Sometime, I wish I could write in my own language and be entitled as a Cambodian writer like them, but I know I couldn't. My ambition is to go beyond that boundary, and I couldn't stop it.
By the way, I have found another easier way to let my short fiction be read by others. Here's the link to The Paradise. Even it's just a piece of crappy story I wrote a long time ago, it's still my effort to master the "Show, Don't Tell" technique. So a Cambodian writer or not, you have to embrace this golden rule.

And that's what I have been trying to do these days.
Wish me luck.

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  1. I keep my fingers crossed for this jr writer, altho I have no doubt of your ability and talent.

    Keep writing and our grannies team will keep reading your stories.

  2. *Wishing you luck from afar* :)

    It's okay to express your opinion about a certain thing, especially about something you're passionate about.

    I believe everybody has flaws; and that fact proves that they're not supposed to yell at you: "Hey who you think you are?" Lol. I hope they don't.

    Thanks for sharing ur "Writer's Day". I think I should write everyday as well because sometimes my passion kinda dries out.

  3. @Kunna, thank for your crossed fingers, dear. I'm so happy to have fabulous readers like you and P.
    Sometime, I feel so down about my writing, but when I think about all of you, I feel my courage come back and I have to keep writing and don't give up on it. Thank you girl, *smooch*

    @Prathna, Yes! You should write along with me, share me your experience, I know you love writing too, you have more opportunity to be a writer there, it's good to start now, dear.

  4. If you dare giving up writing, we'll make you Ginger fried chicken... HAHAAA

    You know we are all looking forward to read the continue chapters of The Daughter of Indra.

  5. Whahaha! But ginger fried chicken might taste better with chopped up lemongrass, you know? LOl...

    I'm trying to squeeze the story out of my head, word by word, I think when I'm done with it, I'll ask you for a big wet kiss as my reward. Lol...

  6. awww... i wish my hubby won't get jealous when i give you the big wet kissesss. hahaha

  7. Don't worry, we won't kiss in front of him. Lol!

  8. HAHAAHAA now we sound very much like lesbians.

  9. I would rather replace this L-word to another L-word called "Love". :D

  10. You are quite right, I'd better start doing what I love now before I get too old & become less passionate ;D
    I'm thinking about writing my first story during this summer break which will begin in the next few weeks. Yay!
    But now, I need to survive the Finals first ^_^ we'll sure can write together ;)

  11. COOL! I'm so glad to know someone also has the same passion. You've read a lot of books, so I'm sure you can get a great idea to write one of your own. When you finish, who knows? You can even published it. A fiction or a non-fiction you want to write?

  12. So you've done a lot of research of writing? I suppose you had. I know once you put on your WRITNG CAP, you hardly take it off! Hehehe

    First I can't download The Paradise, but now I could.

  13. LOl..I have to do a lot of research before I could write anything, I'm not just writing pdes pdas te! hahaha...

    Thank you, becoz of your sweet encouragement, I have to forge ahead! Never give up on my W-CAP.

  14. Sorry my fren from afar, I know I took forever to response back :-\
    Well, I don't really read that much, unless something is extremely interesting to me. Lol.
    About writing, I do hope (God, at least hope) that my work is good enough to be published. But hey, we never know unless we try, right?
    Um, I'm somehow interested in non-fiction. I plan to do some biography first & fiction later. How does this sound to u, my twin? :D

  15. Twin, it sounds amazing to me. And did you know I wrote non-fiction first before fiction too?

    Non-fiction is for romantic people, the people who value reality and life and people they know. I do want to write non-fiction too, someday, I might. But for now, it seems I suck at writing realistic things, so I'll just stick to fiction, since it's fun to make up story.

    Yeah, it's that big fat 'Hope' that gets me going. I hope that I'm not just an acorn, that I can become an oak tree.

    I'm so glad you even consider about writing at all, it's nice to have someone who loves writing too, dear! *hug*

  16. Really? I guess we're on quite same path by starting with non-fiction. Well, I never know non-fiction is for romantic people? You're right about that, fiction is fun because you own the story, but non-fiction is more about being a 'realist' :) But I would love to try both ways.
    Based on your effort & passion, I know you'll be bigger than an oak tree ^_^ Just keep ur fingers crossed!
    Aw... *hug* from afar and it's nice to share all the passion to write with u :)

  17. It's just my opinion, honey, but I think you're romantic all right. Lol!

    Yes! Let's us write and write, and be happy that we do, thank you my dear twin :)


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