My Dear Friend...

I'm the kind of person who believes a person should have only one best friend, but I realize it does me a lot of good to have so many friends as I do now. My friends are either normal, ridiculous, or even semi-crazy like I am, and I feel lucky that I have known them all. 

Just recently, I have been hanging with this one girl, Endear, who's also a friend of my bestie. We weren't so close before she left Cambodia, but when she came back this time, it's quite different. And I'm telling you, this girl is as cool and funny as she is beautiful. I have no doubt why people like her so much (that also explains her name), and I like her so much myself too. 

After we had hung out several times, I found that we both almost have an identical mind. She's smart and more active (not to mention photogenic). I guess when she has to go back to her school, I'm gonna miss this girl.

Now, I'm somewhat amazed at how I seem to end up knowing a lot of great people. Sometimes it even freaks me out, because the people I've ever met are all amazing and nice that I don't know if I'm ever good enough for them, but I'll try to be a better friend and always remain as such. 

Thank you for coming into my life, dear friend.
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