USNS Mercy Tour Part I

On the 5th of August, a group of Cambodian bloggers received a notification to visit the USNS Mercy ship, and I was surprised that I was one of the 8 Cambodian bloggers who got invited out of the blue by the US embassy, because I didn't even know how I got it, but our coordinator Ms. Yarat from the US embassy told me that, the reason that I was selected to be on the trip was I am one of the few Cambodian bloggers who still blogs, and not just that, she said, I was also a self-published comic artist. That was just too good to be true, but I'm glad that it was true.

I am still grateful for this opportunity to experience something I had never thought of. I have too many things to say about this epic tour, but I don't know where to start. Anyway when words fail, pictures speak. So my personal pictures below will act as a diary of that day. 

Many thanks to Ms. Yarat and Kounila, for considering me as a worthy member of the tour. 

The morning I arrived at the military airbase, it was sunshine. A good day for flying.

This picture was taken when our helicopter landed about 15 minutes later. It was thrilling sight to witness this dragonfly (Khmer term for heli) so close.

I took this picture during one of our flights between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. We were heading toward the chopper like we were a group of camando on mission.

The view of my country from the sky.

This is the leaflet of the USNS Mercy ship. Mercy is about 30 years old and more like a naval hospital in time of need. She goes around the pacific ocean,  helping local people in various countries. The ship also activily involved in the Tsunami relief in 2006.

We got a breif introduction from the crew member and learned a lot about the mission and goal of Mercy.

This picture is pure original. I didn't make any photoshop or anything. I guess that's what the captian sees everyday.

The playground for doctors and nurses to run around. It is usually in an organizied chaos down there, but the day we went, the place was less of a busy world.

Here are the young men and women who cooprate to help people in need. They treat big and small, old and young patients, anywhere and any time. 

Our Cambodian flag standing side by side with the American flag, they're more than just beautiful objects.

This young soldier nurse was checking up a patient who had just gotten his eye operated. 

The kitchen in the ship.

The atmosphere in the cafeteria.

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