USNS Tour Part II

Here is USNS tour part II. 
I would minimize my words and only show you the pictures. There are two parts of the trip, one was taken place at the Mercy ship and the other was at Koh Kong, where they set up a temporarily hospital unite there. 

These patients are always being kept an eye on. Just look at what the nurse in blue shirt was doing.

What I think is the bulletin board full of schedule. 
It looks neater and cooler than the ones in my school.

A boy waiting for the well-trained and excellent doctors to perform an operation.

Souvenir selves of Mercy ship. She's got a lot of friends. 

Lunch time with our blog crews

Our pilot who always kept check on us before we were set and ready to fly. 
(I liked how he gave thumb-up to me when my seatbelt was all buckled)

The 8 Cambodian bloggers along with the USNSers.

Our famous ride waiting for us.

What they have on their shoulders is a noble responsibility.

Children and adults come to consult the doctors.

They have plenty of ready-to-use equipment.  

Mother and her children waiting to receive the medical transcript from the doctor.

I thank you all for doing all these in Cambodia!

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