Ginger, the Walker (Comic Series #5)

With this new episode, I would like to announce that, from now on, Ginger is moved to another blog, which I created just for her. If you have been a fan of Ginger, please pay her a visit at .

I will update my work there, but I also post Ginger in this blog along with my multi-personal posts. The only difference between a new blog and this blog is that, one's for only my comics, and the other's, well,  just about every crazy thing I post, so if you want to avoid the dramas, you can just go straight to my comic website and enjoy it there.

Thank you for your support.
Don't forget to drop a comment if you like, it will mean a lot to Ginger. : )

Ginger, the Walker (Comic Series #5) Ginger, the Walker (Comic Series #5) Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Monday, September 17, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Hi Ginger, you are too cute :)

  2. Miss Camtoonista, I like the fact that you can always make simple things entertaining ;)

  3. Before it was Ginger, now Miss Camtoonista too? How many nickename will I get in the future? LOL...

    Do you really think so? Aww...thank you, how amazing you could see this in my work! That's why I love making Ginger!

  4. Due to ur popularity, u'll have more nicknames in da future! Lol
    Well yeh I do think so. You're doing a great job, missy! :)

  5. You're always my biggest supporter! LOVE ma twin!


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