Meanwhile in Siem Reap City

The night life I have captured during my stay at the tourist packed destination, Siem Reap. For the last 3 days, I spent most of my time travelling with three guys who came from different field interests. A photographer, a wikipedian, and a designer. And me? Well, you know me. If not, feel free to find out :D

I stuck with my all-guys-plus-one-girl group for the rest of the trip. We had a lot of nerdy discussions, we talked about everything from hi-tech stuff to history. I'm glad we all are different individuals with different perspectives.

At night, we would walk around the town, shopping and eating street food. I loved the food there. The price was reasonable too. Sometime we went to pub. Every corner was vibrating at Pub Street. It wasn't the first time for me, but it felt like the first time, but I still didn't drink, never been a fan of alcohol so far.

All in all, Siem Reap is a mixture of past and present. I really hope to go back again someday.

I love the sight of colonial buildings along the streets of Siem Reap City. They made me feel like walking in a different era. 

While shopping for souvenirs, this cute handsome guy walked up to me.  

While visiting the temple, this foreign Aspara walked by.

Meanwhile in the pub, I found Genesha at one of the corners.

Meanwhile in a restaurant, I ate like a horse. 

Meanwhile walking around the balcony, found this urge to take a photo of random people.

The paradox of being a non-alcoholic who finds alcohol drink attractive. @.@

There, we talked and talked.

For some reasons, I found these elderly so photogenic.

Meanwhile in the lady's restroom, I found these sweet graffiti.

I don't have to tell you where it is.

I wish I could explain every reason behind my urge to lift my camera and snap pictures like this.

Too many things to buy, too little money.
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  1. you must join Blogfest as well :)

  2. I sure did! Did you? How nice would it be if we recognized each other there. :D

  3. yes, it would :/ i heard there will be a cambodian blogger meetup soon :) will keep you posted.

  4. Hello Khmer Blogger! I just happen to run into your blog and I think what you are sharing is great! I also do a little blogging and I hope you will find the time to visit my blog also. Have a good day!

  5. As always, fantastic photos, Sovathary! I loved Siem Reap when I was there, such a lovely city. I did a cycling tour of the countryside, you might want to do the same the next time you're there :-)

  6. @Rath: Oh thank you! It must be another interesting meeting. I'd be glad to hear about it. :D

    @Mam: Thank for visiting my blog. I like your sharing in your blog too. Nice to meet you.

    @Robin! Thank for the endless compliment. I know I'm not yet skilled photographer as you are, but I'm glad that you like my pictures! of course, I will bike next time, there's still many temples to see!

  7. I seriously need to meet up with you one of these days.

  8. OH My FREAKIN GOD! Ana!!! Yes yes yes! You gotta come here once. I've been waiting for u all my life. Lol

  9. great place wish i could join

  10. Aw...I wish you could join it. We have some Indonesia bloggers in this trip too.


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