My 2nd Appearance on the Post!

When I got back from the BlogFestAsia trip at Siem Reap, I received an email from the PHNOM PENH POST's journalist. I was told that I was selected as one of the top five bloggers in Cambodia. I didn't know how on earth I could get into the Top Five!
The last time was an article on 7Day about me and my comics written by my dear friend Kelly, who was an intern there. This time it was about my blogging activity on LifeStyle and what I have written in my personal blog. I was like, "But I just write a personal blog!"

I find the review so surprising, since I have never read anything about myself from other people's perspective. Thank you for those who develop an interest in me. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm so glad this really happened. I never got a chance to talk about it here, but now you know, and below is one of the questions they interviewed me, so I would quite like to share you guys too:

Q. What would you like to pursue in the future- cartooning etc?

A: I had never thought of being a cartoonist, but most people seem to recognize me because of my comic work. I like visual art, so not just comics but photography is also my thing. But my main passion is writing fictions. I have written two books in English so far, the work doesn't seem to be much for now. Either way, I’m just content doing what I love, and I am grateful for the opportunities that were given to me because of it all. 

Visit the article here to read about the other top bloggers in the kingdom :D
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  1. Twin, you deserve to be the Top 5 :)
    As far as I've noticed, your blog is the only one among other 4 that is art-related *like* :D Other blogs are circling around social issues and technology.
    Keep promoting art and self-publishing spirit because you're an inspiration for younger generation.
    Lots of love & support from here ;)

  2. my twin, you're so sweet. Even in such distance you always show you endless support. I heart you twin!

    I think we're more artistic, that's why we find each other's blog likable. hehe...well, it freaks me out too, cos they are all powerful bloggers, and I just write about myself!!

    But thank you, your support means a lot to me. *sniff*

  3. Lol that's true, we both are into art stuff, that's why.

    Remember what you told me when i said I wanna write a non-fiction like biography or autobiography? 'Who knows, writing about yourself may earn you millions of dollars one day.' :)

    For now, you are recognized as a comic artist and a young writer which is inspiring :) You gotta keep it up my twin!
    P.S: I heart you too <3

  4. Well done, Sovathary! You're #1 on my blogger list :-) And that's a very stylish photo of you. You look like you're already famous!

  5. @Twin: I was just kidding at that time, and you still remember it? lol..but it feels nice to know you find it inspiring. :D now i'm most recognized as a so-called artist only, my work still has a long way to go, and my writing, hahah...I don't want to think about it yet, because really, I'm still an unpublished writer. But thank a million twin! You sweet thing.

  6. @Robin: thank for your constant support! My honor to be on your top list too. :D, i'm not famous, i'm just pretending that i am. LOL!

  7. you deserve it :) i <3 your blog and you are very talented ^^

  8. @Rath:'re so sweet! Thank you, and i heart your blog too, it has a fancy look and your photos are all cute. ^^

  9. ហហហហហហហហហ​ ឆ្ងាញ់ណាស់ បានម៉ាម៉ាត់!

  10. you deserve it. happy to see that :)

  11. @P: hahah meoww...I know right.

    @Nielly! I've missed you girl! Thank you for the support muwaaaah!

  12. @Bon: Wow... top-5 Congratulation

  13. Hi! congrats!!! you are very talented :)

  14. @NoU: aw..long time no see...thank u, but i'm not talented. It's something I just like to do for fun. :D

  15. Well done you..!

    Big ups for you for your undying passion in writing. x

  16. u make me tearing with joy now. thank you!

    I think writing has consumed me day by day, but I love it. And i'm glad it does't die. :D


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