My Days in the City of Gods, Angkor

I joined an international event known as, "BlogFest Asia" which was celebrated in the heart of Siem Reap city. Cambodia launched it for this year 2012. The five-day event was indeed a festival for Asian bloggers to get together and share experiences about life as a technology enthusiast and a true believer of freedom of speech. And I think being a tireless blogger as I am and having a current status as a comic artist, I was a chosen one among the other bloggers from around Asia. Well, who says blogging is a wast of time? Actually, there was a blog competition, but I didn't join.

So I got a chance to visit my own heritage, sharing experiences and knowledge and backgrounds with new friends. To highlight it all, we also visited our former capital city during our stay. We hired a tuk-tuk which costed around 15$ for a small circuit. As soon as I saw Angkor Wat, the same amazement hit me full blast.  The medieval complex is simply a work out of this world. I still had the same question ringing in my head, "How could they do that? How on earth could our ancestors do that?"

I couldn't describe everything I had felt while visiting our legacy, but I could take some pictures for memory's sake. So here is the Angkor through black and white. I have been told I'm a natural in photography, so I better prove my worth.

While inside the upper gallery, I always tried to trick my mind. Every time I walked through a corridor and passed each curved pillar of the temple, I imagined the place from the past coming back to life again and everything turned beautiful and whole one more time. I would walk slowly from one pillar to another pillar to make a flash of scenarios in my head. I imagined Apsaras walking in rows, priests and king performing their rituals and whatnot. Matching the place in reality to the scene in the past, working my own imagination to its full potential, I guess I could almost see what was like almost a thousand years ago. And if you try doing that like me, you might feel something similar to a mini heart attack.  

We went to other temples around Angkor Wat as well, each of them was unique with different style and art work. I like one of the temples near the Elephant Terrace. My guy friend told me it was called "The Terrace of the Leaper King". There is a stone path going around the inside part of the temple, almost the same as a labyrinth, but you could see all curved pictures of people and gods on the walls, and they are 3D-like. I wish I had more energy and time to visit more temples there, but there are so many! And I haven't seen Bontey Srey temple yet! I hope to come back next time and do it all over again.

At the end of the day, I and my three comrades sat along the bank of the moat and watched sunset at the horizon. I even caught a glimpse of a green comet in the sky (or so I thought it was green). The trip in the land of wonder was just wonderful, and I loved every minute of it.
In short, I'm so proud to be born as Khmer.

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  1. This ancient place is really magical. I feel strange, but amazing every time i visit. Maybe because the place is full of soul. I could sit all day and admire the scene, the architecture. I love traveling there with my dad. He would tells me all the stories and it always gives me a new perspective. I told dad the same thing that it's 3D like. How amazing our ancestors could build it back in the time.

  2. One of the temples near the Elephant Terrace... isn't it បាពួន? Should be that! By the way, I'm a BIG fan of your blog. :D

  3. @P: We should have been there together! We should have been talking all the nerdy stuff about history and legends together! You know I didn't have any female companions to talk about all these stuff with there. Luckily my guys are just as nerdy as I am, and we talked a lot, but wouldn't it be great to you and even the other two like kunna and kelly with me? Damn, I hate you guys!

  4. @Rainna: Oh my, you're a fan of my blog, really? Thank you! but why didn't you tell me earlier? oh come on!

    Yes, I think that should be that temple's name. thank for telling me. :D

  5. that is historical and beautiful place. nice shot.
    haha you really have a good imagination about that place coming back to life again. :)

  6. Beautiful photographs! I visited Angkor Wat last December, I was astonished at all the detail in the stonework and I loved learning about "all the nerdy stuff about history and legends". :-) I wish I had stayed until evening, you took some lovely photos of the sunset!

    P.S. Pix here:

    Best wishes, Robin :-)

  7. @Puput: yes it is, and thank, sometime my imagination runs wild like that. hehehe

  8. @Robin: I'm so glad you have been in Cambodia. I love your photos of Angkor Wat too, your capture makes it look so big and clear. haha..

    I'm so inspired by the site that I think I will write another book based on legends and myths soon. crazy about the nerdy stuff too.

  9. I'm sorry. But told ya we'll make it all up to you. I'll let you know how to make theme your way. How's about that?

  10. Proposal accepted! See if you can make me a satisfying theme.


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